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The Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition is the best fishing game for Nintendo Switch owners because it turns your Joy-Cons into a mock fishing rod.

Our pick

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Championship Edition

An actual fishing rod! Kinda.

Bass Pro Shops is offering ten North American lakes, plenty of fish species, and a fishing rod Joy-Con holder.

Who should buy this game?

Winter is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere, and while ice fishing is a thing, you're limited by what species of fish don't migrate in the winter. More than that, sometimes you want to have the relaxing experience of fishing without having to get up before dawn and get on the lake.

Bass Pro Shops has made fishing games in the past, but thanks to the Switch's portability and the Joy-Con fishing rod, you can fish from anywhere at anytime.

Reasons to buy

  • A fishing rod controller!
  • Different game modes for all types of players
  • 11 species of fish to catch
  • 10 North American lakes

Reasons not to buy

  • Pricier than the competition

Why you should buy Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition

There are a few awesome fishing games for the Switch, and most of them will let you use the Joy-Cons to cast your line and reel fish in. Bass Pro Shops takes it a step further: you can use your Joy-Cons like the other games, but if you spend an extra $10 you get a fishing rod-style holder for your Joy-Cons. It plays as well as it sounds, and it makes the fishing challenges you do that much more immersive.

Nothing makes a fishing game better than a fishing rod controller.

Besides that cool controller, you also get a few different game modes. You can just select Quick Fish to get on the lake with no fuss, build your brand in Career Mode, or compete with the best of the best in Tournament mode. You can catch 11 species of fish across ten different lakes, and visit in-game stores to customize your lures, rods and reels to give you better chances at some of the fish.

Alternatives to Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition

If Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition doesn't tickle your fancy, that's okay! Other outdoor brands have produced fishing games for the Switch as well.


Rapala Pro Series Fishing

If you don't want the extra hardware, Rapala also offers a great fishing game.

Rapala Pro Series is a bit less expensive, and still offers plenty to keep players coming back.

While it lacks a fishing rod controller, Rapala's Pro Series Fishing is still great fun. You get more species of fish to catch — 17 instead of 11 — as well as daily and weekly challenges to keep you coming back for more. You can also see your catch from the point of view of the fish, just in case you want to turn this into a horror game.

From a big name

Legendary Fishing

Even more fish to catch.

Catch fish with your friends, or just work through Career mode.

Legendary Fishing offers even more types of fish to catch, and lets you play with up to three other players. You get 20 species of fish to catch across 10 venues, with different seasons and weather conditions to make it even more of a challenge.

Bottom line

If you want the ultimate fishing experience on Nintendo Switch, you want Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition. You get plenty of fish to catch, a few different game modes, and a sweet fishing rod holder for your Joy-Cons.

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