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Going fishing can be a great way to relax while enjoying the great outdoors, but not everyone has access to a good location or the equipment needed — especially during the winter. Luckily, the best fishing games for Nintendo Switch will give you some of that experience year-round without leaving your home. They can also make you more familiar with the types of equipment you'll need to use the next time you can actually hit the water.

Fishing Star World Tour

Featured favorite: Fishing Star World Tour

Catch more than 180 fish and record them in your Fish Book, changing between more than 70 types of fishing gear to match the fish and which of the 40 locations you're in. The game lets you use the Joy-Con motion controls or just the joystick. You can also test your reflexes by aiming for big fish while on a speeding vessel.

$30 at Nintendo
Bass Pro Shops The Strike Championship Edition Nintendo Switch

Great lakes: Bass Pro Shops: The Strike Championship Edition

Staff Pick

Catch 11 species of fish across 10 different lakes, and visit in-game stores to customize your lures, rods, and reels to give you better chances at nabbing some of the fish. Play through career mode, where your success will be based on understanding topography and fish behavior. You can also earn new boats by winning tournaments.

Rapala Fishing Pro Series

Challenge yourself: Rapala Fishing Pro Series

Compete in tournaments and daily challenges as you try to catch nearly 20 species of fish, including largemouth bass and northern pike, in iconic fishing spots across North America. You'll use hundreds of lure and equipment combinations and navigate waters by boat while dealing with changing weather conditions.

Legendary Fishing

Get competitive: Legendary Fishing

Up to four players can compete in split-screen, setting their own win conditions, time limits, and the weather and then using the Joy-Con motion controls to cast and reel in fish. You can also play 80 missions in career mode, unlocking 10 venues where the fish available vary based on the season and weather conditions. A second player can assist by attracting fish and reeling them in.

Reel Fishing Road Trip Adventure

Hit the road: Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure

Join three friends on a summer road trip where you'll visit 10 locations, including a freshwater stream and the deep sea, to catch more than 20 fish as you try to track down an elusive legendary fish. You'll upgrade your characters' skills and abilities while also crafting rods, reels, and lures.

$28 at Amazon
Ultimate Fishing Simulator Switch Screenshot

A custom experience: Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Customize your rod, reel, bait, and line and cast it out for quick catching! In this game, the fish bite fast and often. Once you have your prized catch of the day, choose how you want to handle it. Stuff it to be hung on a wall, sell it, or simply release it back into the water.

$2 at Nintendo
3d Arcade Fishing Switch Screenshot

Better as you go: 3D Arcade Fishing

If you're looking for a fishing experience that improves as you catch more and more, this one is for you. The more fish you bring in, the more you can upgrade your equipment for lake fishing at one of three lakes and 15 fishing spots. There are 11 fish to be caught.

$15 at Nintendo
Fishing Fighters Switch Screenshot

Be the best: Fishing Fighters

Bring the party up to 8 players in the multiplayer mode of Fishing Fighters! You can choose to compete, or you can just enjoy fishing together in peace. In story mode, you'll take on rivals as you try to prove yourself and try to catch legendary fish. Choose where you want to fish, even in the deep sea, and customize your equipment.

$20 at Nintendo

Go fish

If you're looking for some of the fun of a fishing trip without needing to worry about the actual weather or having the right equipment, the best fishing games for Nintendo Switch can provide you with a great alternative. Our favorite is Fishing Star World Tour because it has the biggest collection of fish you can catch, giving you a huge feeling of satisfaction for catching them all.

If you love fishing with friends, you should check out Legendary Fishing, which lets up to four players compete in modes you set to your preferences. Rapala Fishing Pro Series is another great option because the daily challenges will keep you coming back. Whichever of these games you choose, you're sure to enjoy the mix of relaxation and thrills that fishing provides without any of the mess.

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