Best Game Builder Garage IDs 2021: From Mario Kart to Zelda

Zelda Link Goes Crazy In Town Spinn Game Builder Garage
Zelda Link Goes Crazy In Town Spinn Game Builder Garage (Image credit: iMore)

Nintendo's Game Builder Garage has finally released, making it possible for players to easily create their very own video games. Unfortunately, the game doesn't allow you to simply browse other people's projects like Super Mario Maker 2 does. However, if you know someone's Game Builder Garage ID or Programmer ID, you can play their creation. So whether you're looking for something fun to play or for inspiration for your own creations, here are the best Game Builder Garage creations we've seen. Of course, we've included an ID code whenever possible.

Game Builder Garage isn't a very big game as it only takes 1.0 GB, but still, it's a good idea to have a good-sized microSD card if you're going to be playing any Nintendo Switch games.


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ID: G-000-2HV-VLG

The classic shooter has been recreated by @MrTiffles on Twitter. Get blasting those enemies while dodging their projectiles.

Dino Runner

from GameBuilderGarage

ID: G-007-J4D-M3G

To start things off, @ u/zocker9000 on Reddit shared this fantastic recreation of Chrome's Dinosaur Game. But your internet doesn't have to be down to play it. Check it out with this code.


ID: G-004-5JR-906

Remember how Nintendogs were some of the cutest games Nintendo ever made? Well, now @ichrin_anemone has recreated a version for Game Builder Garage.

Mario 64 Lava Land

Game Builder Garage Lava Land (Image credit: @Aybee9298 on

ID: G-007-XVM-D6R

Looking at @Aybee9298's Mario 64 recreation fills me with nostalgia. Check it out and see what you think.

Flappy Bird

ID: G-002-KNG-M24

This is one of the most enjoyable sidescrollers to make its way onto Game Builder Garage so far. Check @Tanfor Dev's creation out for yourself.

Stealth game

Game Builder Garage Stealth Game (Image credit: @OniLink on

ID: G-004-R4R-MCJ

Though this game is definitely well suited to creating sidescrollers, there are a few games with a more 3D feel, including this stealth game by @OniLink. See if you can beat it.

GTA V Garage Edition

Game Builder Garage Gta V (Image credit: @ShuggyTheBuggy on

ID: G-007-6CF-DC0

@ShuggyTheBuggy has created this awesome top-down version of GTA V. Check it out to see why so many people have been loving it.

Sonic 3D Green Hill

Sonic 3d Green Hill Game Builder Garage (Image credit: iMore)

ID: G-008-1WD-PCT

Itching for a new Sonic game? This awesome creation lets you run around a large area collecting rings and shooting off platforms. Check it out!

Mario Kart

ID: G-002-HVR-0JL

Feel the SNES nostalgia of the original Mario Kart with @BeardBear's creation. It looks so incredibly good!

Link Goes Crazy in Town!

Link Game Builder Garage (Image credit: iMore)

ID: G-000-BF3-2CD

Break pots and chase down Cuccos in this awesome Zelda game created by @Giulytsme. There are even NPCs to see and hidden treasure chests to find.

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It hasn't been out for very long, but people have already created some awesome games for others to play. I'm sure we'll continue to be blown away with people's projects as time goes on and will continue to add a new Game Builder Garage ID when we see something awesome.

If I missed a creation that you think is really cool, let us know about it in the comments below.

Updated June 2021: Added even more wonderful games to the list.

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