The Best Game Console

Choosing a game console right now is difficult. There are so many amazing games to play these days, but frequently these titles are limited to a single platform in one way or another. Choosing the right game console for you depends a lot on the kind of gaming you prefer to do and where you like to play.

With that in mind, here's our collection of the best game consoles!

Why PlayStation 4 Pro is the best

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Put simply, you can do the most gaming on a PlayStation right now. If you want to dive into a game solo and crush some skulls in God of War for a while, you can. If you want to play online, there are lots of options. If you are ready to explore VR gaming, PlayStation is the best place to start. If you want to stream games from your PlayStation 4 to your phone or laptop, it's super easy.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the console with the most options for people who enjoy games. That doesn't mean it's the best in every category, just that it offers the most options and each of those options are a lot of fun on their own.


Everyone games a little differently, which is fantastic. And the coolest part of the gaming ecosystem right now if how many incredible options there are to have fun, either by yourself or with friends. But if you're looking for one machine to deliver something great from the whole gamine spectrum, Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro is where you want to be right now.

Russell Holly

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