There's a huge variety of action cameras on the market these days and choosing between them can be difficult. Even GoPro, the premier action cam brand, has a wide array of options. For a lot of people, they want a GoPro but have a budget they are willing to spend on one so getting the best bang for your buck is important. Since GoPro's cameras span a wide range of price points and most can be found at a discount if you know where to look, it's not as difficult as you might think to get one without paying full price.

Best GoPro Deals Available Now

Gopro Hero9 Black Bundle

GoPro HERO9 Black | $349.98 at GoPro

The newest GoPro comes with a range of new software features, 5K shooting capabilities, an extended battery life, and a front-facing display. The best place to buy it right now is direct at GoPro where you can save $100 on the camera while snagging a free microSD card, extra battery, and a year's GoPro subscription at no extra cost.

$349.98 at GoPro

We've rounded up the best GoPro deals that we could find from across the web to help save you some of your precious and hard-earned money. We'll keep this post updated as new deals crop up so that the below promotions are the very best on offer.

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Best GoPro HERO9 Deals

The GoPro HERO9 Black is the newest GoPro on the block and boasts the best features. Notable upgrades include a range of new software features, 5K shooting capabilities, an extended battery life, and a front-facing display. If those things are on your must-have list, then it's a worthy upgrade to the HERO8 Black and may justify the extra cost for you.

That's not to say you can't snag a deal on one. It's discounted at a few retailers right now including Amazon, B&H, and Best Buy. The best deal comes directly from GoPro though with its launch bundles throwing in a year of the GoPro subscription (unlimited cloud storage, savings on accessories, and warranty replacement) plus accessories for less than the regular cost of the camera alone.

Best GoPro HERO8 Deals

GoPro's HERO8 Black is still one of the best action cameras on the market despite no longer being the most recent GoPro model. It features Image Stabilization 2.0 that combats even the most chaotic of scenes and a great microphone for picking up the audio of the captured moment. It's also got solid water resistance at up to 10m and its Gorilla Glass lens cover can take a beating from the great outdoors.

Even in 2021, it a fantastic option and it can be found a bit cheaper now that the HERO9 Black has taken top spot in the lineup. If you don't need the latest and greatest, it's a smart pick.

Best GoPro HERO7 Deals

As with many tech purchases, going for an older model can help you save a lot of money, though the deals are usually fewer and further between as devices are discontinued. The HERO7 lineup exemplifies that well as you can occasionally pick up the HERO7 Black for a decent price. It shoots in 4K and was the first to gain GoPro's 'HyperSmooth' image stabilization so it performs pretty well even by today's standards.

Even cheaper is the GoPro HERO7 Silver if which is a great budget option, the main trade-off being its 4K footage is shot at 30fps versus the 60fps of the HERO7 Black. The 1080p fps capabilities are slightly lower too and you also don't get the HyperSmooth stabilization. It's still a capable, durable, and waterproof action camera, though.

GoPro's HERO7 White is probably the most affordable model that is still around with any regularity these days, though it's definitely a more bare-bones action cam when compared to the newer, more premium versions. It shoots in 1080p HD and features a touchscreen which might be enough for what you need.

Best GoPro Max Deals

For filming your next adventure in all its 360-degree glory, you want to check out the GoPro Max. As well as shooting all around you, the Max also has a great mic for capturing audio and a proper display for seeing what's in shot.

The GoPro Max stitches your footage together on-camera which makes the editing process much easier later on, and Max HyperSmooth levels out the horizon in your footage.

Best GoPro Fusion Deals

GoPro Fusion is the older 360-cam model, though it's still plenty capable. The videos for the Fusion can reach up to 5.2K in resolution and the photos use an 18MP sensor. You can then use your smartphone to turn the videos into 1080p from any angle.

More GoPro Deals

There are plenty of older GoPro models that go for pretty cheap if you get lucky and still pack in plenty of quality. The HERO6 Black is a flagship model from a few years back and still a great choice If the price is right with 4K 60fps recording, image stabilization, 240fps slow-motion, and more.

The HERO5 Black is also an oldie but goodie with its waterproof design and another model that may have passed you by but are solid choices include the GoPro HERO5 Session which is a capable 4K action camera with a minimalist, cube design.

GoPro Price Tracking

There are so many GoPro devices on the market and prices vary wildly, too, so it can be hard to know which to go for.

We keep tabs on prices on top-end HERO9 and HERO8 lines, as well as cameras like the Fusion and Max, to ensure you always have an up-to-date list here. We also keep tabs on a few of the older models in case a particularly good bargain crops up.

Prices fluctuate all year round so there's always a good deal to be found. That being said, shopping seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer some of the best chances to save with all-time low prices at most retailers.

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