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Best Head Strap for Nintendo Labo VR iMore 2020

As you know, Nintendo did not include a headstrap in its design of the Labo VR headset. This was an odd move for the video game giant and has proved troublesome for weary-armed Labo VR users. Gamers have had to find their own fixes with options like the Comfort Set for Labo VR. There aren't many out there, but we've taken a look at additional headstrap options to determine what the best solutions are.

Best Overall: Old Skool VR Head Strap Kit

Old Skool Vr Head Strap BoxSource: Old Skool

Old Skool specifically made this strap for Nintendo Labo VR Kit. It's a comfortable, adjustable strap that works perfectly with the headset so you can play without keeping your hands raised all the time. You can easily take it off when you're done and adjust it again to fit multiple people.

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This appears to be one of the only head straps specifically designed for the Nintendo Labo VR Kit. Sadly the design doesn't include having the Joy-Cons attached. It's the one downside to this headset kit.


  • Adjustable
  • Designed for Labo VR
  • Easily removable


  • Can't be used with Joy-Cons

Best Overall

Old Skool VR Head Strap Kit

A headstrap specifically designed for Labo VR

Old Skool's head strap is the best option right now. It's a secure fit for adults and kids but doesn't allow Joy-Con attachment.

Best for Joy-Cons: Comfort Set for Labo VR

Sweat Proof Gaming Labo Head Strap Joy Cons HeroSource: Sweat Proof Gaming

Sweat Proof Gaming came out with a great, comfortable headset with stretchy straps to fit all. This is the only headset designed for Nintendo Switch Labo VR that does allow for the Joy-Cons to be connected. It is probably the best design of headsets we have seen.

The only reason we didn't list this as our overall best choice is that it is currently only available for pre-order for the next batch. This is a popular head strap that regularly sells out. When they do sell out, pre-ordering ensures you will get a head strap when the next set is made.


  • Joy-Con compatible
  • Stretchy fit
  • Made for Nintendo Labo VR


  • Only one color
  • Sells out regularly

Best for Joy-Cons

Comfort Set for Labo VR

A Joy-Con friendly choice

One of the only head straps compatible with Joy-Cons. This sells out often, pre-order to get yours in the next batch.

Best Value: Elastic Detachable Headband for Google Cardboard

Elastic Detachable Headband for Goodle Cardboard LifestyleSource: Amazon

As you can tell from the title, this head strap was intended to be used with Google Cardboard. Luckily, the Google Cardboard headset and the Labo VR headset are pretty similar, so it works for either device. The strap is made of elastic nylon to stretch and conform to your head.

It doesn't have adjustable buckles, but you get a little wiggle room by determining how tight you place the Velcro strap on the cardboard. This strap gives a fairly tight fit, so you'll want to place the adhesive as far back on either side of the Labo VR headset as possible.


  • Inexpensive
  • Elastic Nylon


  • Only one color
  • Tight fit

Best Value

Elastic Detachable Headband for Google Cardboard

An inexpensive DIY option

Place your strap exactly where you want it. It's made of adjustable elastic nylon, so be sure to attach it, so you have head room.

Best 3D Print: TRDesignAndMfg Nintendo LABO VR Headset Strap for Nintendo Switch

Etsy Labo Headstrap For Switch LifestyleSource: Etsy

The Etsy shop TRDesignAndMfg made a 3D printed headset to hold the Switch system. It doesn't allow for any game that requires the Joy-Con attachments to stay on the system, but it does have a great design for holding the console itself. The images shown display a pink strap; however, all the ones shipped are all black.

These straps are adjustable, so it will be able to fit both adults and children. Not only can you adjust the straps on the sides of the head but also across the top too. This provides a more customized fit for everyone.


  • Adjustable straps on sides and top
  • Great design for holding the console


  • Doesn't accommodate for Joy-Con attachments

Best 3D Print

TRDesignAndMfg Nintendo LABO VR Headset Strap for Nintendo Switch

A 3D printed headset

Holds the Switch console in place nicely with adjustable Velcro straps for a custom fit. However, the Joy-Cons cannot be attached.

Visor advisor

There aren't a lot of options out there for Labo VR head straps, but we found three that work really well. You'll want a head strap that is inexpensive, adjustable, made of a comfortable material, and sits securely on your head.

For the best possible experience, we recommend Old Skool VR Head Strap Kit. It was designed specifically for the Labo VR headset and includes adjustable straps to fit a range of users. This way, you won't have to modify or create a strap on your own, and there is less wait time for you to receive the strap.


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