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There are plenty of Nintendo Switch cases that emphasize style and portability. Still, if you're paranoid or taking your Switch somewhere it might get seriously jostled or exposed to the elements, you're going to need something designed for serious protection. These are the best heavy-duty cases for Nintendo Switch, and by investing in one, you're less likely to need to pay to replace the whole console.

Deruitu Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Store your games: Deruitu Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Staff Pick

This hard case is a great option for the traveling person who has a lot to pack but needs to keep it compact. It stores 20 game slots and has a zipped mesh pocket that will hold your charger and extra Joy-Cons. The nylon zipper head will keep your Switch's screen from getting scratched in transit.

$12 at Amazon
Orzly Carry Case Nintendo Switch

Multiplayer friendly: Orzly Carry Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

This case is shock-resistant on the outside and has a flap to protect the screen of your Switch from any scratches that could otherwise occur. This flap is also a place to store your physical games as well as microSD cards, so you won't lose any of them. There's also an extra pocket if you have any extra cords you need to pack with you, like charging cables and headphones.

$13 at Amazon
Rds Industries Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Cartridge collection: RDS Industries Officially Licensed Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

The case ships with two hard, red plastic game cartridge cases that can each fit up to four Switch games, and they also threw in two microSD card cases as well. The inside is coated with a soft felt material that prevents your console and other components from getting scratched or scuffed.

Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch Zadii hardshell carrying case

Carry everything: Zadii Hard Carrying Case Compatible with Nintendo Switch

If you don't want to leave anything behind when you travel, this case will fit your Switch, dock, power adapter, 21 game cards, Pro Controller, Joy-Con straps, and an HDMI cable. All of those items are packed into snug foam to keep them from moving around, while the shoulder strap and non-slip handle make the case easy to carry.

$34 at Amazon
Arttodo Carrying Storage Case For Nintendo Switch

Clean comfort: Arttodo Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

Built to last and stay looking sharp, this hard-shell case will protect your Switch and accessories from damage even if they're dropped, shaken, or squeezed between other bags. The fabric is waterproof, dustproof, and stain-resistant. You can carry the bag by the handle or use the adjustable shoulder strap. The manufacturer also throws in two thumb grip caps and a screen protector as a gift.

$32 at Amazon

Safety first

The Nintendo Switch is an expensive and in-demand system, so you really don't want to seriously damage it when you're taking it on the go. Picking up one of the best heavy-duty Nintendo Switch cases will keep your device safe even if you drop it or spill something. Our top pick is the Deruitu Carrying Case because it's a compact way to safely carry your Switch along with some games, a charger, and extra Joy-Cons.

Beyond protection, these cases can also offer a great way to organize your games and accessories on the go. The Zadii Hard Carrying Case is the perfect pick if you're traveling with your dock, Pro Controller, and other key accessories. The RDS Industries Officially Licensed Switch Carrying Case is another strong choice since it's got room for game cartridges and microSD cards and also provides an adjustable stand to make playing more comfortable. Whichever case you pick, the purchase should give you more peace of mind when you take your Switch out of the house.

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