Best Smart Plugs for HomeKit iMore 2020

Smart home automation products like smart plugs save energy and make controlling your devices much easier. Whether you're a newbie or have gone all-in on HomeKit-enabled devices, this list can help you track down the perfect HomeKit-enabled plug for your smart home.

Best for most: Wemo Mini

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Belkin's Wemo Mini features a slim profile that won't block the receptacle outlet, allowing two of them to be used in a single outlet. The Mini is UL safety certified, and it also includes a three-year warranty, protecting your investment for years to come.

$20 at Amazon

Monitor it: Elgato Eve Energy

The Elgato Eve Energy is a Bluetooth-connected smart plug. With in-depth energy monitoring stats, it can help you keep a lid on your utility bills. Thanks to the device's Bluetooth LE connection, you won't need to struggle with a Wi-Fi setup process or crowd your network with another device — the Eve Energy communicates directly with your phone.

$40 at Amazon

In-wall design: iDevices Wall Outlet

The iDevices Wall Outlet is an in-wall smart home product that can replace any standard outlet in your home. Instead of having to augment your current setup with external plugs and switches, you get two independently controlled outlets that actually look like they belong.

$79 at Amazon

Total coverage: ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2

The ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2 covers both of your outlets, giving you two smart outlets in one compact accessory. This creates a clean look without bulky mismatched sizes, and it also has a handy color LED nightlight.

$60 at Amazon

USB convenience: Vocolinc PM3 Smart Plug

The PM3 is the perfect bedside companion thanks to its built-in LED nightlight and 2 USB ports. This plug uses Wi-Fi for a seamless connection directly to not just HomeKit, but also Alexa and Google Assistant.

$18 at Amazon

Versatile: iHome iSP6X

If you live in a home where some folks use HomeKit, and some prefer Google Assistant or Alexa, then this is the smart plug you want, as it's fully compatible with all three. Just connect to each assistant and away you go.

$21 at Amazon

Hues of power: Philips Hue Smart Plug

If you already have a Philips Hue Bridge, then this smart plug will integrate directly with it, and HomeKit. This allows it to work using ZigBee wireless connectivity, keeping it off your Wi-Fi network, and without a local-only Bluetooth connection. Best of all, this plug is slim and compact, giving you the room to fit two of them into a single outlet.

$40at Amazon

For the outdoors: iHome iSP100 Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plug

The iHome ISP100 provides you with a handy weather-resistant outdoor plug, perfect for holiday lighting, decorations, and more. This plug uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, which allows you to connect it to your network without the use of a separate hub. This makes it ready to work with HomeKit in a matter of seconds, just plug in and scan to start the outdoor fun.

$35 at Amazon

Clean convenience: ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet

The ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet offers all of the connected goodies as standard smart plugs, without the added bulk. Fast response times, reliable connectivity, independent controls, and energy monitoring make it a great option for those that want convenience but don't want to compromise on design.

$80 at Amazon

Find the perfect smart plug for your HomeKit for peace of mind

A HomeKit-enabled smart plug is the simplest way to create smart home devices out of "dumb" ones, and then use Siri and the Home app to control them. We love the Wemo Mini for its low price, compact design and its ability to work with not just HomeKit, but also with Alexa and the Google Assistant, making it a highly versatile option.

If you're looking for a smart plug with extras, then go with the iDevices Wall Outlet. It has a unique in-wall design compared to other plugs that gives it a cleaner look in your home, and its built-in LED makes an excellent, colorful nightlight. If that wasn't enough, both of its outlets are smart and work independently of each other.

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