Best Smart Plugs for HomeKit iMore 2021

Smart accessories make managing your home easier, and the best smart plugs for HomeKit can help to bring older devices to the connected party. These simple HomeKit accessories can turn on your coffee maker at sunrise automatically through scenes and automations created in the Home app. If you are ready to make your home smarter, these are the best smart plugs for HomeKit that you can buy today.

Wemo Mini smart plug on electrical outlet

Best for most: Belkin's Wemo Mini Smart Plug, Wi-Fi enabled

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Belkin's Wemo mini features a slim profile that won't block the other receptacle on the wall, allowing two of them to be used in a single outlet. This Wi-Fi outlet works without a hub and connects to HomeKit, Alexa, or the Google Assistant, as well as the Wemo app on iOS and Android. The Wemo Mini is also UL certified.

Meross Smart Wifi Plug Mini

Budget-friendly: Meross Smart WiFi Plug Mini 4-Pack

The Meross smart Wi-Fi plug mini provides all of the HomeKit outlet essentials in a compact package with a compact price. This plug is ready to go with just a scan of the HomeKit pairing code without downloading another app or registering for an account. Combined with fast response times and great reliability, it's one of the best HomeKit values around.

$15 at Amazon
Connectsense Smart In-Wall Outlet

Clean convenience: ConnectSense Smart In-Wall Outlet

The ConnectSense smart in-wall outlet offers all of the connected goodies as standard smart plugs, without the added bulk. Fast response times, reliable connectivity, independent controls, and energy monitoring make it an excellent option for those that want convenience but don't want to compromise on design.

$100 at Amazon
Eve Energy Smart Plug

Monitor it: Elgato Eve Energy Smart Plug & Power Meter

The Elgato Eve Energy is a Bluetooth-connected smart plug. With in-depth energy monitoring stats, it can help you keep a lid on your utility bills. Thanks to the device's Bluetooth LE connection, you won't need to struggle with a Wi-Fi setup process or crowd your network with another device—the Eve Energy communicates directly with your phone.

Philips Hue Smart Plug

Hues of power: Philips Hue Smart Plug for Hue Smart Lights

If you already have a Philips Hue Bridge, this smart plug will integrate directly with it and HomeKit. This allows it to work using ZigBee wireless connectivity, keeping it off your Wi-Fi network, and without a local-only Bluetooth connection. Best of all, this plug is slim and compact, giving you the room to fit two of them into a single outlet.

Meross Smart Wifi Indoor Outdoor Plug

For the outdoors: Meross Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Plug

The Meross Outdoor smart Wi-Fi plug provides you with not one but two handy weather-resistant outlets, perfect for holiday lighting, decorations, and more. This plug uses Wi-Fi for connectivity, which allows you to connect it to your network without using a separate hub. This makes it ready to work with HomeKit in a matter of seconds, just plug in and scan to start the outdoor fun.

$31 at Amazon
Eve Energy Strip

Beauty and brains: Eve Energy Strip - Smart Triple Outlet & Power Meter

Eve's smart power strip combines a home office essential with smart convenience and a beautiful design that will make you want to show it off instead of hiding it under the desk. This strip includes the same energy monitoring capabilities as Eve's single smart plug. It covers all three on-board outlets and its Bluetooth connection pairs directly through the Home app and HomeKit.

Vocolinc Smart Plug Mini Render Cropped

Two-pack steal: VOCOlinc Smart Plug Mini Siri WiFi Outlet Socket Works with HomeKit

Get two smart plugs for one low price with VOCOlinc. The compact size and high output (1800W) make this a great choice for stocking up.

$21 at Amazon

Plugged in: The best smart plugs for homekit

The best smart plugs for HomeKit are the simplest way to create smart home devices out of "dumb" ones, adding Siri voice controls and support for Home app automations and scenes. We love the Wemo Mini for its low price, compact design, and its ability to work with not just HomeKit, but also with Alexa and the Google Assistant, making it a highly versatile option.

If you're looking for a smart plug with extras, go with the Eve Energy Strip - Smart Triple Outlet & Power Meter. Since it's a power strip, you can plug in up to three different devices. Plus, it's an energy monitor with a Bluetooth connection.

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