Kodak Printer dock

Not only is the Prynt Pocket compact and easy to use, but it holds a magical secret. If you embed a video on the picture and print it, you can watch the video if you hold your iPhone over it.

Our Pick

Prynt Pocket

The best photo printer for most people

If you're looking for some serious Harry Potter magic IRL, you definitely want to check out the Prynt Pocket, the pocket-sized photo printer with video-to-picture printing.

Who should buy this printer

The Prynt Pocket is for anyone who wants to do more than just print photos. Thanks to a little behind-the-scenes magic, Prynt Pocket embeds videos right onto your printed picture. Whenever you hold your phone over the print with the Prynt app open, you'll see the video clip. As if your picture has come to life, Harry Potter style.

Is it a good time to buy this printer?

It sure is. In fact, Prynt has trouble keeping these little gems in stock since they're so popular. The current model was recently updated so you don't have to worry about getting a photo printer that's about to be outdated.

Reasons to buy

  • Supports video-to-picture printing for a unique experience.
  • Super portable. It'll fit into any bag or purse without taking up much room.
  • Uses standard Zink 2" x 3" printer paper so you don't need messy ink ribbons.
  • The paper is sticker-backed. You can stick your pics just about anywhere!
  • Prynt's app has a special template for printing tiny little 1.5-inch sticker pics.
  • Printer paper is easy to find and usually goes on sale.
  • There are dozens of awesome accessories to go with your printed photos.

Reasons not to buy

  • You don't own an iPhone. Prynt Pocket is made for iPhone.
  • You want to print larger photos.

Prynt Pocket is the best photo printer for most people

Prynt Pocket is the perfect printer for anyone with an iPhone. It's compact, easy to use, and makes Harry Potter magic happen right on your phone.

Imagine a photo printer that shoots out a physical photo, but when you hold your iPhone over it, it actually shows a movie. Cool, right?

Alternatives to the Prynt Pocket

The Kodak Photo Printer Dock is a fantastic alternative if you prefer printing standard 4-by-6 inch photos instead of the smaller 2-by-3s. It's versatile: it is compatible with iPhone and Android and has multiple connection ports, including a USB port, so you can print from a thumb drive. It also supports device-to-device Wi-Fi connection so you can print photos without having to connect your phone at all! Using special ink cartridges, it prints your image in colored layers: reds, yellows, and blues, and then finishes the whole thing off with a top coat so your pictures won't bleed or fade.


Kodak Photo Printer Dock

Print standard photos, plus snag some extra features.

If you want to print standard 4-by-6 photos and you want device versatility, then you want the Kodak Photo Printer Dock.

Polaroid makes photos fun. It always has. In today's digital age, were' less interested in the immediacy that the Instamatic camera provided, but we're no less interested in the joy of printing fun photos. The $100 Polaroid ZIP prints out fun-sized 2-by-3 inch photos onto sticker paper so you can peel off the backside and stick it on just about anything. It connects to your phone using Bluetooth, so you don't have to plug anything in. Just select your photo inside the companion app, edit, print, and go!

Budget pick

Polaroid Zip

Putting the fun in printing photos.

If you love the fun of printing sticker pics, but don't need the Harry Potter magic, Polariod's Zip is perfect for the budget-minded.

Bottom line

Prynt Pocket is the perfect printer for anyone with an iPhone. It's compact, easy to use, and makes Harry Potter magic happen right on your phone.

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