Best Jump Rope Apps in 2022

You may have fond memories of jumping with a jump rope in grade school at recess, whether that be by yourself or with others. What you probably don't remember is how good of a workout jump rope really is and how much it gets your heart rate going.

Fitting jump rope into your workout routine has become more popular in recent years, and because of that, some apps have been surfacing to help you track your jumping. Here are a few reasons why you may want to make jump rope part of your workout and my top picks for apps to help you out.

Why make jump rope part of your workout

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At first glance, you may not realize just how much jump rope can help your overall fitness level — here are a few reasons why you may want to add jump rope to your workout routine.

Combines cardio with strength building: Jump rope has the benefit of being great cardio and getting your heart rate going fast, but it also can help you build strength if you make the move to weighted ropes.

Great for your posture: You can't jump effectively without good posture. When you're jumping, you'll need to keep your chest up, which pulls your shoulders back, gets your neck upright, and keeps your elbows down and back.

You can do it anywhere: Jump ropes are extremely portable which makes it a breeze to keep up your jump rope routine everywhere you go. Coil it up and take it with you on your next business trip, vacation, or weekend at the cabin and keep jumping!


Crossrope is arguably the best jump rope company right now, and its app is specifically designed to work with its own ropes.

It has two systems of ropes: the older but still fantastic premium rope system (opens in new tab) or the new Infinty system (opens in new tab). Crossrope specializes in weighted ropes, meaning its ropes not only help you do cardio but they also provide strength training as well.

While buying the ropes gives you everything you need to get started, the free Crossrope app is a perfect companion to aid you in your workout. The app features over a dozen different workouts that focus on strength, endurance, and fat burn, offering you the ability to train the way you want.

The workouts range from beginner to advance, meaning you'll be able to start off nice and slow and move onto to more complicated and harder workouts as you progress.

Jump Rope Workout

Jump Rope Workout is a simple app that is meant to count your jumps and log your jump history.

By attaching your iPhone to either your waist, thigh, or arm (by use of an arm band), Jump Rope Workout will use the accelerometer in your phone to track how many jumps you do. Plus, you can even enter your weight and allow the app to calculate how many calories your burning, so you can see what the fruits of your labour really are!

You can use Jump Rope Workout with any jump rope you choose, and it's highly rated by users on the App Store.

Nike Training Club

While Nike Training Club isn't specifically designed for jump rope exclusively, it does feature lots of workouts that include jump rope.

With hundreds of created workouts by users and professionals alike, Nike Training Club will bound to have something that fits your style.

This app is best for someone who is looking to make jump rope just one part of a balanced workout regime.


YouTube has videos about literally everything and jump rope is no exception.

Of course, just looking for Jump Rope on YouTube will net you a lot of results from workouts to cool jump rope tricks, there is a channel that you should subscribe to if you want to get into jump rope.

Check out Jump Rope Dudes on YouTube. They have over 400 videos on their channel and all of them are focused on jumping. They have everything from product reviews to guided workout videos that will take you from just starting to jump all the way to an expert jumper.

If you have the YouTube app already, or still need to download it, it's a great way of having jump rope guided videos right in your pocket whenever you workout.

Which are your favorite jump rope apps?

Are you into the jump rope craze? Let us know your favorite apps in the comments below!

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  • I love Jump Rope Dudes and Cross Rope! That Nike rope photo'd is garbage... get a Cross Rope or Buddy Lee Jump Master. DoTheThing everyday! Think I'll go jump rope right now...
  • I have been using Skeep Jumping App to track my jumping. It's an android available app only. Lots of great statistics to be found in this app. However you need your phone on your body while you are jumping. There is a free version as well as a paid Pro version. The Pro version is only .99 cents. It's worth every penny for the information it gives you. I've tried several other apps and I'm sticking with this one. Give it a try and I bet you will agree.
  • i have used #WellTrainingApp ands its awesome, very easy to use and it comes with a lot of routines the nice thing it's free and you can use the jump rope you want.