Best MacBook Air accessories 2023

This year, Apple introduced a brand new MacBook Air, and wow, it's out of this world. Featuring a fresh design, a new Apple M1 chip, and much more, this 13.6-inch diagonal piece of perfection should give you years of fun and productivity. To enhance your MacBook Air experience, consider some of these awesome accessories. You should note the newest MacBook Air with M2 chip is not the same size as the previous model with the M1 chip from 2020, so snap-on cases will not be interchangeable. However, the one with the M1 chip is the same size as the MacBook Air that came out earlier in 2020, so those cases are interchangeable. Here are some of the best MacBook Air accessories.

Which of the best MacBook Air accessories do you need?

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There are a lot of very different options for your M2 MacBook Air or any of the previous models, but you'll want to protect your investment with some kind of case. If you really don't want a snap-on case, a sleeve will at least provide you some protection as you move your MacBook Air from place to place. The bargain option is the MOSISO Laptop Sleeve which comes in tons of colors and includes a matching smaller case for your chargers and other items. If you have the means, there are some gorgeous luxury items on this list as well.

Form-fitting cases like the best MacBook Air cases are another option. The IBENZER MacBook Air case is an inexpensive snap-on case that comes in so many different colors and fun patterns (including just clear, if that's your preference) that everyone can find one they like. Just read the listing carefully to be sure that the case matches up with your MacBook Air model.

If you have anything important on your MacBook Air, don't forget to back it up regularly. Seagate's Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive makes it easy. A lost computer can be replaced, lost data cannot. Keep your data safe from loss with a hard drive like this one.

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