The MacBook Air is a light (duh — "air"), capable little laptop that's as nimble as it is portable. The 11-inch may be gone, but the 13-inch is still available and a relatively inexpensive alternative to the latest MacBook or MacBook Pro.

If you have a MacBook Air, you'll need some great peripherals and protection to keep you typing away wherever you may go.

Mosiso hard shell case

First and foremost, you should protect your MacBook Air. It's one of the thinnest laptops around and could use some reinforcement. For this, we recommend one of Mosiso's hard shell plastic cases.

There are 32 color options to choose from, from the very vibrant to the demure, and for around $13, you really can't go wrong. Each case has little feet on the bottom with cooling vents, and it's finished in a non-slip rubberized material.

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Apple Magic Mouse 2

The Magic Mouse is Apple's "buttonless" Bluetooth mouse that seamlessly connects to your MacBook Air and has a ridiculously long battery life (I use mine all day, every day, and I usually have to charge it around once a month, if that).

For $79, it might seem a bit pricy for a mouse that take with you everywhere, but its convenience and design easily make it my favorite mouse of all time. The multitouch surface is also super handy, allowing you to scroll up, down, and sideways. You can even right-click, even though there are no definitive buttons. It just works.

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Tomtoc laptop sleeve

If a hard shell case isn't your thing, then at least consider a sleeve, which can protect your MacBook Air from scratches whether you're lugging it around on its own or slipping it into a backpack.

Tomtoc's sleeves are made from durable neoprene, which will help prevent punctures and scratches and even some low drops. The exterior can be wiped clean and there's even a little pocket for pens, cards, cables, and other small items. There are four colors to choose from and pricing starts around $17.

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Pad & Quill Valet Slim Portfolio

If price is of no object and you want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your MacBook Air, then check out the Valet Slim Portfolio from Pad & Quill. This real leather case is handmade in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The cover folds back to make a comfy prop-up for your laptop, while the bookmark accent tuck-locking closure keeps your MacBook Air safe and sound. There are two brown color options to choose from and pricing starts around $94. You also get a 25-year warranty for when you're using your MacBook Air 25 years from now.

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Anker 6-foot braided nylon USB to Lightning cable

Any good laptop deserves a great USB cable, and the Anker braided nylon USB to Lightning Cable is the perfect way to keep your Apple devices charged up on the go. The 6-foot length means you won't have to worry about accidentally yanking the cable out of your MacBook Air, and thanks to the braided exterior, these cables remain tangle-free.

For around $12 apiece, grab a couple of these for your arsenal.

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Twelve South Bookarc

When you're not using your MacBook Air, you need somewhere to put it where it can be up and out of harm's way. Twelve South's Bookarc is the perfect solution. This arc-shaped (duh) stand holds your MacBook Air up on its side, which clears up desk space and keeps your laptop safe from someone putting something down on top of it.

This also lets you use your laptop in "closed-clamshell" mode, which means you can connect an external display, a keyboard, and a mouse, and use your laptop like a desktop. The Bookarc is available in silver and space gray for around $40.

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Booq Superslim case

A great laptop bag marries style and function perfectly, and the Booq Superslim bag may do just that. It's from polyester, inside and out, and features a zipper closure, with more pockets to hold cables and peripherals. You can even fit an iPad in one of the side pockets, along with your iPhone, pens, and more, all held in place with smaller interior pockets.

This bag is super light and stays quite thin despite what you might fill it with. There is only one color option, so if you're into the minimalist look, check out the Booq Superslim for $60.

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Seagate Backup Plus 2TB

For an awesome on-the-go backup and storage option, check out Seagate's Backup Plus, which only comes in around $77 for 2TB. The Backup Plus is excellently portable, with a finished exterior that is by no means "rugged" but can certainly hold up to the everyday wear and tear of being slipped in and out of your bag.

There's no need to partition this one, since it works seamlessly between Mac and PC, making it perfect for transferring and storing data between devices and friends or coworkers. Hell, it's even compatible with your PS4, which makes it an awesome all-around option. USB 3.0 keeps transfers nice and quick, and there's no power supply needed — this hard drive is powered over USB. Comes in black, blue, red, and silver.

How to back up your Mac

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Bose QuietComfort 35 II

If you're out an about working on your MacBook Air, the last thing you want is to be tangled in headphone cables (well, maybe not the last thing, but it's low on the list). A great pair of Bluetooth headphones will help you enjoy your music, movies, and whatever wherever you are, and active noise cancellation is a massive boon to productivity.

Enter the Bose QC35 II headphones. These $350 over-ear headphones are the latest and greatest in sound and active noise cancellation from the company that's been making incredible audio products for 53 years. The QC35 IIs make some light improvements on their predecessor and have Google Assistant and Siri capabilities baked right in. The dual-microphone system has noise rejection built in for clear phone calls, and you can even adjust the level of noise cancellation to suit your situation.

You'll get up to 20 hours of play time and if you wire into your MacBook Air, you'll get 40 hours of noise cancellation. Comes in black or silver.

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Updated December 2017: Swapped out P&Q's Cartella for the Slim Valet Portfolio, added the Bose QC35 II headphones, and updated pricing. These are still the absolute best accessories for your MacBook Air!

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