Best Mario Switch accessories 2022

Mario Hero
Mario Hero (Image credit: iMore)

The one and only Super Mario has charmed gamers for 35 years and is responsible for some of the best Nintendo Switch games available. His 35th-anniversary celebration may have come to a close, but that doesn't mean that you can't continue to show off your love for the plumber. In addition to picking up one of the many Mario games available on the Switch, why not pick up an accessory to show your love for the plumber? Here are the best Mario Switch accessories.

Power up with these Mario accessories

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These are the best Mario accessories that are sure to put a smile on the face of any Mario fan. Mario has been the face of videogames since he first debuted on the NES and continues to shape the videogame landscape with each major release. Our favorite accessory is PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch. It's a quality controller that features many of the bells and whistles found in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

If you're a Mario fan buying a Nintendo Switch for the first time, then definitely grab the Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch when you can. It's available for a limited time, and just like other Nintendo Switch bundles, it will skyrocket in price once it's gone for good.