Best Matte Screen Protectors for 27-inch iMac iMore 2020

Looking to reduce glare and protect that big, lovely iMac? You'll definitely want the best matte screen protectors for your 27-inch iMac. Now you get a lot more than just scratch protection, however. Below we've included screen protectors that can screen blue light, UV light, and promote privacy as well.

Trustworthy brand: SightPro Privacy and Anti-Glare Screen Protector

Staff Pick

For shoppers who prefer to support local USA-based brands, this screen protector is manufactured by SightPro, a reliable brand based in California. As well as anti-glare matte protection, this is a strong privacy screen that won't allow passerby to peep your personal information. Customers rave about the quality of this product and the stellar customer service that comes with it.

$66 at Amazon

Best value: Forito Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector

Here's an affordable two-pack of matte screen protectors that promise to keep your iMac monitor squeaky clean and shiny. These are made to resist fingerprints, dust, and smudges; since a special cleaning cloth comes in the pack, keeping them clean is a breeze.

$23 at Amazon

Best warranty: GeckoCare Anti-Glare Privacy Filter Protector

Another anti-glare + privacy screen combo, the GeckoCare screen protector also comes with free tech support and a full refund/replacement warranty. In other words, if you try it out but don't like the product, they will give you a full refund or replacement, no questions asked.

$66 at Amazon

Best blue-light blocking technology: EYES PC Blue Light Screen Protector

Of all the screen protectors and filters we've seen. Eyes PC is the only brand that offers up to 100% blue-light blocking technology. While it retains good color accuracy, the screen protector keeps eyes safe from all damaging UV and blue light. This is an excellent choice for those who suffer from eye fatigue and insomnia after a long day staring at a computer screen.

$69 at Amazon

Most durable: Skylarking Anti-Glare Screen Protector

With a 4H surface hardness factor and anti-scratch coating, this screen protector will prove stronger and more durable than any other. It also acts as a privacy screen and blocks some blue light at the same time. This is the strongest of the best screen protectors for your 27-inch iMac.

$60 at Amazon

Simple protection: Kuzy Clear Screen Protector

The Kuzy screen protector provides reliable protection from scratches, dust, and smudges as well as an anti-glare, matte surface. This one does not block blue light or UV radiation, but it does have an ultra-smooth surface that works great with touchscreens and touchscreen styli.

$40 at Amazon

On again off again: BERSEM Fully Removable Privacy Screen Protector

BERSEM offers a unique privacy screen protector that adheres to your iMac monitor with a reusable silicone seal. That means you can remove it and reattach it over and over, only applying it when needed and removing it when you don't. The BERSEM Screen Protector offers protection from scratches and blue light as well as privacy.

$64 at Amazon

Best graphic retention: MOSISO Blue-Light Blocking Screen Protector

Many blue-light-blocking screen protectors will darken or change the accuracy of graphics and colors emitted by your iMac monitor. This is not the case with the MOSISO Blue-Light Blocking screen protector. MOSISO offers 95% transparency and graphic retention while protecting your eyes from blue light and UV light at the same time.

$58 at Amazon

Protection Plus

A 27-inch iMac is a significant investment that you'll want to keep in its original pristine condition, so a screen protector is a great way to keep it clean and scratch-free. The best matte screen protectors for your 27-inch iMac often offer blue-light blocking and privacy screening technology as well. Our favorite pick is the SightPro Privacy and Anti-Glare Screen Protector. It comes from a reliable California-based brand so you can also count on customer service and support.

High-end screen protectors come at a price. If you need something simple and affordable, look into the Anti-Glare Matte Screen Protector from Forito. It's not a privacy screen, nor will it protect the eyes against blue light. However, it will keep your iMac monitor safe from dust and scratches at a reasonable cost. Peruse the options above and pick the one that best suits your own needs. There's a screen protector here for everyone.

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