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Best Metroidvania Games for Nintendo Switch 2020

hollow knight switch pro joy cons
hollow knight switch pro joy cons (Image credit: iMore )

The Nintendo Switch has plenty of Metroidvania games. Metroidvania is a term used for games that combine the gameplay elements made famous by Metroid and Castlevania games. You'll spend hours getting caught up in dozens of interconnected rooms, solving puzzles, backtracking once you obtain a new item or power to get somewhere you couldn't before, but seeing your progress unfold makes it all worth it. Here are the best Metroidvania games for the Nintendo Switch.

The perfect balance of action and adventure

These are the best Metroidvania games for the Nintendo Switch. All of these titles are available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for download, so make sure you have a microSD card with enough space to keep all of your data in one place. All of these games are great, but if you had to choose one, go for Hollow Knight (opens in new tab). This Metroidvania features excellent visuals and great gameplay, with so much content you'll wonder how it's only $15.

Another great Metroidvania actually comes courtesy of Microsoft. Ori and the Will of the Wisps (opens in new tab) is a gorgeous Metroidvania with a somber story and visuals that rival big budge CG movies. The game maintains steady performance, and its fantastic art direction makes the jump to Nintendo's hybrid console with ease. It's available digitally, but you can even score a physical edition of the game if you prefer a cartridge.

Christine Chan
Christine Chan

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