Best microphones for streaming Nintendo Switch 2022

Microphone With Nintendo Switch
Microphone With Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Today, streaming on consoles is a common occurrence, even on the Nintendo Switch, but buying the right capture card is only the first step to streaming with the pros — you'll also need the right microphone. There are many different microphones available for the Switch, each perfect for recording your excitement as you share highlights from your favorite Nintendo Switch games. Here are the best microphones for streaming on your Nintendo Switch.

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These are the best microphones for streaming Nintendo Switch games, whether you're looking to upgrade your setup or you're just getting started. Streaming on the Nintendo Switch isn't as easy as streaming on other consoles, with a more complicated setup overall. Still, with one of the best capture cards and the right streaming accessories, doing so is a breeze. Our top choice is the Samson G-Track Pro USB Microphone, an excellent mic overall that's great for many things, streaming included.

Our next choice is the Blue Yeti, a very capable alternative. The Blue Yeti features four pickup patterns and is capable of producing clear, powerful, broadcast-quality sound. It's a great microphone that's sure to provide everything you need to get your stream up and running without a drop in sound quality. Best of all, you won't have to completely break your wallet.

No matter which of these microphones goes best with your setup, you'll find that streaming can be fun, as you get to share your experience with some of the best Nintendo Switch games.