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Best NeoGeo games for Nintendo Switch 2022

Nintendo has been regularly releasing classic NES and SNES titles via Nintendo Switch online, making the console a haven for nostalgic gamers. Adding to that library is a collection of titles from NeoGeo, a gaming console released in 1990 by SNK Corporation. If you've already played through the best current Nintendo Switch games and want to catch up on gaming history, these are the best NeoGeo Switch games.

Old games, fresh fun

New games for Nintendo Switch can be pricey, so between big purchases you can have some more affordable fun by checking out a true classic. The best NeoGeo games for Nintendo Switch let you play through a bit of video game history and see how much graphics and some genres have evolved.

Start with Metal Slug, the first game in the run-and-gun series that ran from 1996 to 2009, and command the Peregrine Falcon Squad as they try to recapture the titular stolen weapon. The NeoGeo was perhaps best known for fight games and if you want to see why you should pick up King of Fighters '98, which is also part of a storied series. With each title priced at less than $10, you won't be risking much so this is a great way to try out something new.