Best NeoGeo games for Nintendo Switch iMore 2021

Nintendo has been regularly releasing classic NES and SNES titles via Nintendo Switch online, making the console a haven for nostalgic gamers. Adding to that library is a collection of titles from NeoGeo, a gaming console released in 1990 by SNK Corporation. If you've already played through the best current Nintendo Switch games and want to catch up on gaming history, these are the best NeoGeo Switch games.

Featured favorite: Metal Slug

If you have never spent time with this run and gun classic then now is your chance. It could be argued that Metal Slug is the proto-bullet hell arcade game. It's crazy, fast, fun, and well worth the price of admission.

$8 at Nintendo

Super fun shooter: Blazing Star

Staff Pick

If you are in the market for a shooter with super tight controls, blazing-fast challenging gameplay, and bizarre translations, then Blazing Star is the name of the game for you. For many years it has been considered a top-tier shooter.

$8 at Nintendo

Classic golf: Turf Masters

Perhaps you are wanting to try a NeoGeo title that isn't a fighter or a shooter. That doesn't leave a whole lot of options available to you. However, Neo Turf Masters is a great way to spend some time if you are a fan of golf games. This classic NeoGeo title is challenging and has some gameplay that has actually held up quite well over the years.

$8 at Nintendo

Get your fight on: King of Fighters '98

If you're looking for a classic fighting game that is well-loved and also happens to have a stunningly massive list of playable characters, then King of Fighters '98 is definitely a title to check out.

$8 at Nintendo

Side scrolling shooter: Pulstar

I must confess that I love shooters or shmups as they are colloquially known. One of my favorite shmups of all time is R-Type. Something my great-grandmother used to say is, "If you can't play R-Type, play Pulstar". She was really on to something because the similarities seem to border on outright theft. Either way, it's a great shoot 'em up and a great way to spend a few bucks.

$8 at Nintendo

Classic fighter: Garou: Mark of the Wolves

If you're familiar with the army of fighting games that came out for the NeoGeo, then you are undoubtedly well aware of Garou: Mark of The Wolves. The ninth title in the long line of Fatal Fight games, Garou is a well designed and incredibly fun fighting game. If you're trying to brush up on the history of influential fighters, then give this one a try.

$8 at Nintendo

More run and gun fun: Shock Troopers

There is already another run and gun in this list, but I absolutely had to include Shock Troopers as well. Shock Troopers is one of my favorite offerings in this style from the old school era. There was a perfect port to PlayStation 3 a few years ago so I am stoked that I now get to play this on my Switch.

$8 at Nintendo

Old games, fresh fun

New games for Nintendo Switch can be pricey, so between big purchases you can have some more affordable fun by checking out a true classic. The best NeoGeo games for Nintendo Switch let you play through a bit of video game history and see how much graphics and some genres have evolved.

Start with Metal Slug, the first game in the run-and-gun series that ran from 1996 to 2009, and command the Peregrine Falcon Squad as they try to recapture the titular stolen weapon. The NeoGeo was perhaps best known for fight games and if you want to see why you should pick up King of Fighters '98, which is also part of a storied series. With each title priced at less than $10, you won't be risking much so this is a great way to try out something new.

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