Best Nintendo Switch 3D Platformers iMore 2021

Nintendo consoles have been a long time home for platform games, and the best Switch 3D platformers will show you that it's no different today. The Mario games are an obvious choice, but not the only choice! See what 3D platformers you should be picking up for your Nintendo Switch.

Official Box Art

★Featured favorite: Yoshi's Crafted World - Nintendo Switch

Giving 3D some added texture is the adorable game, Yoshi's Crafted World. Play as Yoshi and his friends in a world made of yarn and felt. Use materials found in the world to literally create new friends as you save the world from Kamek and Baby Bowser.

A Hat In Time Nintendo Switch Box

Wear many hats: A Hat in Time - Nintendo Switch

Staff Pick

This little girl wears many hats. She's an outer space hero taking on many enemies, an explorer searching for timepieces to get her ship off this planet, and she actually has a lot of hats. Each new hat she makes gives her new powers to help her on her adventure!

Human Fall Flat Nintendo Switch Box

Physics fun: Human: Fall Flat - Nintendo Switch

Take on a variety of humorous physics challenges in cool environments. Play this with up to eight people to increase the chaos! Explore multiple routes and see what gets you to the finish!

New Super Luckys Tale Nintendo Switch Box

A cute tale: New Super Lucky's Tale - Nintendo Switch

Play as Lucky as you enjoy various game styles throughout one of the best Switch 3D platformers. Play puzzles, fight battles, earn in mini-games, and get some side-scrolling action as you take on the evil Kitty Litter. You can even customize your character's outfit as you discover new costume pieces!

Gigantosaurus The Game Nintendo Switch Box

A puzzling race: Gigantosaurus The Game - Nintendo Switch

Race through the world as different types of dinosaurs to save the day. Each dino has different skills you may need to complete the various puzzles. Will you make it on time?

Super Mario Maker 2

DIY: Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch

Getting bored with the same old Mario games and think you could do better? Grab Super Mario Maker 2 and start building levels of your own! Do it by yourself, or add in up to four players to build levels together.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch

Hats off: Super Mario Odyssey - Nintendo Switch

With a unique take on an old favorite, Super Mario Odyssey gives you the same platformer style you've always known with a new feature of using Mario's hat to control characters that you could never play before! Be a Goomba, a Bullet Bill, and more on your way to save Princess Peach.

Captain Toad Box

A Toad-ally enjoyable adventure: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Nintendo Switch

Not only is this a 3D platformer, but it can also be VR! Without the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, this is still a fun puzzle game where you and the Toads try to get your treasure back from Wingo. With the VR Kit, you can also play four special mini-missions.

Jump in!

This game style is all about jumping, so hopefully, this list of our best Switch 3D platformers will help you jump into a new adventure you love. More and more games are coming out on the Switch all the time, so we're sure there's many more to come for this list. Although many of these are still in the Mario universe, some variations exist on the same old, same old, and even some outside options!

For a new story, A Hat in Time is a cute way to get out of the usual and try something different. The design is adorable and the hats are fun to create and discover. To get something a little more familiar but still a different story than you've played before, you may enjoy Yoshi's Crafted World as you have the known Yoshi characters and adventure style with a crafty twist. What 3D platformers are your favorite?

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