Best Nintendo Switch Accessories iMore 2021

The Nintendo Switch serves as both a traditional console and a handheld system, giving it amazing versatility and some unique needs. A few accessories can really improve your experience both at home and on the go, letting you keep your system in great shape and making sure you get the most out of all of the great games on the Nintendo Switch.

Skip the dock: TNP Type-C to HDMI Adapter for Nintendo Switch

Staff Pick

This alternative adapter for your Nintendo Switch allows you to play your Switch on a TV without having the original Dock around. It outputs video through HDMI, has a USB-C port for power, and has hole vents for heat dissipation. It's great for travel and vacations.

$23 at Amazon

Look good on the go: Waterfield SwitchPack Carrying Case

Waterfield's SwitchPack case is a beautiful designer bag made of full-grain leather with a soft plush lining. It's big enough to fit your Switch tablet (Joy-Cons detached), a Hori Compact PlayStand, your Joy-Cons, necessary cables, and more, making it one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

$129 at SF Bags

Go Pro: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Switch Pro Controller offers a more comfortable grip for your gaming sessions, a bigger battery than the Joy-Cons, and has built-in NFC support for Amiibo. Don't forget that HD rumble!

$59 at Amazon

Keep it charged: Nyko Charge Block Pro

If you have a Pro Controller, you should get Nyko's charging dock. The Pro Controller normally charges over USB-C, but this dock has magnetic pins instead. Just drop the Controller in the dock when not in use and charge it up!

$20 at Amazon

Battery backpack: OCT17 Battery Charger Case

This battery case attaches to your Switch and lets you charge it up cable-free with the 10000mAh built-in battery. It even allows you to charge up while playing via the USB-C or full-size USB port. It's a little bulky, but that extra power is a good trade-off. And you get full access to ports and buttons.

$25 at Amazon

Double the joy: Extra Joy-Cons

There are plenty of multiplayer games on the Switch, so you should invest in some extra Joy-Cons for guests at gatherings. One set of Joy-Cons means two more controllers for less! And they come in so many different colors!

Charge them Cons!: Orbeet Joy-Con Charger

This 4-in-1 charger lets you charge two pairs of Joy-Cons when they're running low, making it great for multiperson households. It also has two extra USB ports for charging up Pro Controllers.

$22 at Amazon

Charge everything!: PowerA Joy-Con & Pro Controller Dock

This charging station lets you charge all of your controllers together (Pro and Joy-Cons), so it's less to keep track of. There are even Nintendo-themed designs, like Mario or Zelda, for slightly more.

$25 at Amazon

Cover that dock: Switch Dock Sock

These Dock Socks are simple cloth covers with many different and unique designs. It's perfect for keeping your Switch display scratch-free while also adding some flair.

$17 at Amazon

Protect the screen: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A screen protector is a smart move to keep your Switch screen scratch-free and make it smudge-resistant. This one is reasonably priced.

$8 at Amazon

Get a grip: MoKo Controller Grip

This MoKo Controller Grip turns each half of a Joy-Con pair into its own mini pseudo-Pro controller. The Joy-Cons are much more comfortable to hold with the ergonomic grip, and you get full SL and SR buttons on the top. It comes in a few colors to match Joy-Con color options.

$10 at Amazon

Just like a tablet: PowerA Hybrid Cover

This snap-on folio covers the display when not-in-use and lets you view the console from more angles, thanks to the convenient kickstand mode. It's great for protecting your Switch while still giving you full access to the buttons and ports.

$15 at Amazon

Travel officially: Official Switch Deluxe Travel Case

The official Nintendo Switch case stores your Switch with one pair of Joy-Cons. The padded pockets protect the analog sticks, and a hard plastic game case keeps your physical games safe.

$13 at Amazon

Travel slim: Tomtoc Ultra Slim Carrying Case

This minimal case is enough for just the basics. Store your Switch with attached Joy-Cons, and carry along a few games in the protective and padded card sleeve. It comes in a few color options to fit whatever mood you're in. It's one of our favorite protective cases for the Nintendo Switch.

$15 at Amazon

Card carrying member: HORI Game Card Case

This game card case stores up to 24 physical games, keeping them safe from dirt and debris. There are even slots for a few memory cards.

$10 at Amazon

Raise it up: Insignia Compact Travel Stand

Dock your Switch or Switch Lite and adjust the angle in one of six viewing positions. The raised position allows you to charge your device while you're playing, and the sturdy rubber bottom will keep it steady. The dock folds up so it won't take up much space in your bag and also stores two game cards.

$5 at Best Buy

Get wired: HORI Wired Internet LAN Adapter

This adapter provides you with an Ethernet port for a wired connection. Keep your internet fast and stable to avoid missing a second of your next intense Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online matches.

$30 at Amazon

Charged up!: RAVPower 26800

The RAVPower can take your Switch from totally drained to fully charged about five times. It can also charge up your Switch while you play and will power other devices like your MacBook or iPhone.

$60 at Amazon

Stylish metal: PowerA Compact Metal Stand

This hefty little stand is made of metal and has a design inspired by Mario or Zelda. It folds up easily and allows you to get the perfect viewing angle when playing your Switch. It comes with a drawstring bag for carrying.

$20 at Amazon

Expand that storage: SanDisk Ultra microSDXC

While the Switch always comes with built-in storage, it's such a small amount that it will fill up quickly. Pick up a microSD card with a lot of storage for all of those digital downloads and get your game on!

$30 at Amazon

Joystick flair: GeekShare Silicone Joy-Con Joystick Caps

These silicone caps go on top of your Joy-Con's joysticks to give them a bit more grip. They also add some nice flair to your Switch, and there are a few designs and colors to choose from.

$10 at Amazon

Game on!

There is a whole wide world of accessories out there for your Nintendo Switch. Getting the stuff you need to make your Switch experience your own can make your gaming life just a little bit better!

We can't live without the Pro Controller, because it feels more like a traditional console controller than the Joy-Cons, and it's incredibly comfy to use, even for several hours at a time. The battery also lasts forever.

For traveling, we like to be minimal, so the tomtoc Ultra Slim Case is our favorite since it has such a slim profile, yet is so protective. And the card sleeve in the middle means you can carry plenty of games to keep you entertained while on-the-go. And of course, we can't go without the amFilm tempered glass screen protector, because it's barely noticeable, easy to install, and keeps your Switch's in perfect condition.

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