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You don't need to buy your dad a pricey gift to show that you love him, but if you are looking to pick up something for Father's Day, time is running short. If your dad loves playing the Nintendo Switch, you can pick up something to make his gaming sessions more fun or keep his system safe and charged. The best Nintendo Switch accessory gifts for Father's Day cover a wide range of price points, so you're sure to find something to fit your budget and your dad's needs.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Play like a pro: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Staff Pick

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is the best controller for Nintendo Switch, giving you a true console experience when playing in docked mode that you just won't get from Joy-Cons. It's especially worth shelling out for a better controller if your dad has larger hands or likes playing shooters and action titles. While you can find more affordable Switch compatible controllers, this one provides all the features like amiibo support and motion controls.

Anker Powercore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Charged up: Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

This light portable charger will provide 10 hours of extra playtime for your Switch, so your dad won't need to worry about finding an outlet when he's traveling. It uses power delivery to get the Switch fully powered again in about three hours. It can also be used to charge an iPhone or MacBook.

$61 at Amazon
Samsung EVO+ 256GB

Extra storage: Samsung EVO+ 256GB UHS-I microSDXC U3 Memory Card

Digital downloads are a convenient way to buy and store Switch games, but they will cause the system's storage to fill up fast. Samsung makes the best Nintendo Switch memory card, providing a huge amount of space compared to the console's base 32GB. It will also allow your dad's games to load faster.

$40 at Amazon
PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

In control: PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

Keep up to four Joy-Cons charged and ready to play the best Nintendo Switch local multiplayer games with this compact device that plugs right into a Switch dock. Indicator lights will let you when the controllers are ready to go. The PowerA Joy-Con charging dock is also small enough to easily pack and take on a family vacation.

$20 at Best Buy
Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro Black And Gold Pikachu

Hassle-free handheld: Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

Playing the Switch for extended periods of time in handheld mode can get uncomfortable, particularly if you have larger hands. The Hori Split Pad Pro prevents cramping and provides additional buttons, which are helpful for competitive players who like to remap their controls. The device is lightweight and comes in eight different colors and design schemes with versions based on Pokémon and Monster Hunter Rise.

From $44 at Amazon
iVoler Carrying Storage Case For Nintendo Switch

Travel ready: iVoler Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

Your dad will be able to pack his Switch, dock, Joy-Cons, and Pro Controller up to go in this traveling case, which will securely fit all of the components, so they don't get scratched or otherwise damaged in transit. The exterior case is waterproof, dustproof, and shock absorbent and can be easily carried with either a non-slip handle or an included shoulder strap.

$28 at Amazon
Screen protector

It's the thought that counts: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

If you're short on cash or your dad really doesn't like you spending money on him, but you still want to give him something that shows you care, consider picking up one of the best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch. The ultra-thin, durable, and scratch-resistant glass will keep a Switch screen safe without impacting the visuals. It also comes with a micro-fiber cleaning cloth.

$6 at Amazon

The family that plays together, stays together

Share your love with the dad in your life picking up one of the best Nintendo Switch accessory gifts for Father's Day. While it's a bit pricey, or top pick is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller because it will have the single biggest impact on his gaming experience. It's a huge improvement over the Joy-Cons, providing more control when playing genres that demand precision and keeping hands comfortable during long gaming sessions.

If you're looking for something more affordable, the iVoler Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch makes for a great practical gift. It'll let your dad store his console and accessories safely and securely when he's traveling so he can enjoy gaming wherever her goes. Hopefully, one of these gift ideas will make shopping for your dad easier. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments section.

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