Considering the size of Nintendo Switch game cards, it only seems like a matter of time before one slides into the couch and just disappears into the ethereal world of missing socks. Due to their diminutive size, my fear of misplacing or losing my game cards has driven me to look into effective methods of storing them. Rather than storing them in a burlap sack or wrapping them up in a hobo bindle, I looked into the various carrying cases that are available on the market. Here are some of the best cartridge cases based on several criteria.

Best officially licensed case

If you are one of those Nintendo fans who exclusively prefers licensed products, then Hori has you covered. Hori manufactures accessories for just about every console under the sun including a huge line of officially licensed products for the Switch. This case will hold a total of 24 game cards in addition to the space it offers for the storage of memory cards. If you are looking for a lot of storage and that official Nintendo seal, then this is the way to go, for only $10.

Best case to show off a little flare

Maybe you are in the market for something that's a little less plain. For about $13, you can show off your love of Zelda or Mario. These cases come in four different iconic designs. They hold 12 game cards. That means if you buy the whole set, then that is space for 48 games!

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Smallest footprint, smallest price

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, it should come as no surprise that AmazonBasics is the best route. This case is one of the smallest out there and at only about $9, it's a bargain. In addition to the low low price and the small portable size, it will actually house 24 game cards.

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It's pretty early on in the life cycle of the Nintendo Switch. I am sure as time goes by we will be seeing a lot more great cases hit the market. For now, this list represents some of the best cases out there.

Where are you storing your game cards?

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