Best Nintendo Switch controllers for under $20 iMore 2022

Of all the accessories your Switch has to offer, getting one of the best Nintendo Switch controllers is the most critical. It determines how well your game responds and, in turn, determines how good your gaming experience is. Whether you need a replacement or want to have more controllers for multiplayer games, we've got you covered. Here are the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can purchase for just $20 or less.

Qiaoting Nintendo Switch Controller

Wireless play: Qiaoting Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

Staff Pick

Go cable-free with this Bluetooth controller. It has the same basic layout as the official Pro Controller but also has an additional Turbo button. Rumble and motion controls are built-in, making it compatible with a wide range of games.

$17 at Amazon
Pdp Rock Candy Mini Wired Controller

All the colors: PDP Rock Candy Mini Wired Controller

These wired controllers are designed to be inexpensive while still looking fun. It comes in four colors: Blue, purple, yellow, or red, so you can choose the look you like best. You won't find rumble, motion controls, amiibo support. However, each version features an eight-foot cable.

$14 at Amazon
Astarry Nintendo Switch Controller

Popular pick: ASTARRY Wireless Pro Controller

With its ergonomic grips, motion controls, and rumble, this gamepad will serve you well when playing any Nintendo Switch games. The internal battery lasts between six and eight hours, and you don't have to worry about any cables getting in the way while you play wirelessly.

$20 at Amazon
PowerA Wired Controller

High marks: PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

This wired controller is one of the best you can buy for $20. It features a 10-foot cable, so you have plenty of room to move while playing. Since the cord is detachable, you can pack it up easily without damaging it. Like most other controllers on this list, it doesn't feature motion controls, amiibo functionality, or rumble functions, but we still highly recommend it for its quality.

PowerA Gamecube Wired Controller

Wired Nostalgia: PowerA - GameCube Style Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch

From a great brand for Switch controllers, officially licensed by Nintendo, these are designed to look and feel like GameCube controllers but feature a larger D-pad for more natural control. The cable is 10 feet long, giving you plenty of freedom, and it's detachable for easy storage.

HORIPAD Wired controller

Turbo power: Wired HORIPAD

This officially licensed and ergonomic controller has all kinds of great options. The D-pad is detachable, so you can use buttons instead if you'd prefer. There is also a turbo button, so you won't have to rapidly press the trigger in shooting games. Just hold the turbo and aim!

Quality control

We've looked at every option you have at $20 or less and have determined the best Nintendo Switch controllers. To get this inexpensive, many controllers sacrifice features, but you can occasionally find something that stands out above the rest. The best ones have motion controls, vibration, and work wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you'd prefer a wired controller, make sure you choose one with a decent cord length, preferably a detachable cord that's seven feet or more.

The controller we recommend most is the Qiaoting Wireless Controller since it has a comfortable design perfect for long playing sessions and connects to your Switch wirelessly. It also features motion controls and rumble, so you don't miss out on those features.

If you want something more exciting looking, we recommend the PDP Rock Candy Mini Wired Controller since it comes in four different colors and doesn't cost much. If you're a long-time Nintendo fan, consider the PowerA GameCube Style Wired Controller for the look and feel of an original GameCube controller.

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