Best Nintendo Switch Controllers for Under $20 iMore 2019

Of all the accessories a gaming console has to offer, none are more important than the controller. It determines how well your game responds and in turn determines how good your gaming experience is. Whether you need a replacement or simply want to have more controllers for multiplayer games, we've got you covered. Here are the best Nintendo Switch controllers you can purchase for just $20 or less.

Sound choice: HORIPAD Wired Controller

Staff Pick

As with most other controllers on this list, HORIPAD doesn't feature motion controls, work with amiibo or include rumble abilities. However, it's still a great product from a trusted brand. We also like that it gives you the option to switch out the directional pad to be either a D-pad or button design.

$18 at Amazon

Best budget: Sunjoyco Wired Controller

This is without a doubt the least expensive controller you can get. It skimps out on motion controls, vibration, and NFC capabilities to bring the price that low, but it looks and feels similar to the official Pro Controller. You'll be able to move about using the 7.2-foot, permanently-attached cable.

$13 at Amazon

High marks: PowerA Wired Controller

This wired controller is one of the best you can buy for $20. It features a 10-foot cable so you have plenty of room to move while playing. Since the cord is detachable you can pack it up easily without damaging it. Like most other controllers on this list, it doesn't feature motion controls, amiibo functionality, or rumble functions, but we still highly recommend it for its quality.

$20 at Amazon

Mario Bros.: PDP Faceoff Wired Pro Controller with 2 Mario Faceplates

It comes with two interchangable faceplates: a Mario-themed one and a Luigi-themed one. Switch them out to get the look you want. It doesn't feature motion control, vibration or NFC, but it does have a detachable 10-foot cable to give you plenty of room when playing.

$18 at Amazon

Wired Nostalgia: PDP GameCube Style Wired Fight Pad (Zelda Link)

When it comes to affordable controllers, this brand has the most colorful options. They are designed to look and feel like GameCube controllers but feature a larger D-pad for easier control. The attached cable is 10 feet long giving you plenty of freedom. You can also purchase a Mario-themed and Pickachu-themed version for under $20.

$20 at Amazon

South paw: HORI Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller (L) (Pikachu)

If you're just interested in replacing your left Joy-Con for one that features a D-pad, consider this awesome, Pikachu-themed option. Keep in mind that this controller does not operate wirelessly, so you'll only be able to use it when it's attached to your Switch console. The company also offers a Zelda-themed left Joy-Con if that interests you more.

$20 at Amazon

Cord free: Gamemon Bluetooth Wireless Switch Controller

This is a great wireless option for anyone who sits close to their screen. You must be no more than three feet away from your console for the wireless function to work. It has a good feel in your hands, features a turbo function, and has large joysticks and trigger buttons for easy gaming.

$18 at Amazon

In motion: Rii Wired Gaming Controller

Despite its low cost point, this controller still includes vibration and motion controls, which are perfect for action RPGs and OMMs. The plastic controller features rubber grips to give you better control during intense gaming moments. You'll find it also has a Turbo Button, and a 6.5-foot cable.

$18 at Amazon

Wired up: Nyko Core Controller

Nyko doesn't have the most capable Switch controller on offer, what with it missing motion controls, NFC compatibility, and vibration. But it has a 10-foot cord, a programmable turbo button, and comes from a solid long-standing brand.

$20 at Amazon

Snazzy: ZD-N Wired Controller

This is one of the coolest designs we've seen in this price-range. In addition to its aesthetic, this wired controller comes with a turbo button, motion controls, and vibration. You can even turn motion controls and vibration off if you want to.

$16 at Amazon

Quality control

We've looked at every Nintendo Switch controller you can purchase for just $20 or less and have determined the best options. To get this cheap, many controllers sacrifice features but you can occasionally find something that stands out above the rest. The best ones have motion controls, vibration, and work wirelessly via Bluetooth. If you'd prefer a wired controller, make sure you choose one that has a decent cord length, preferably a detachable cord that's seven feet or more.

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We recommend the HORIPAD Wired Controller since it has a great design for your hands, features an optional D-pad, and doesn't cost much. If you're a long-time Nintendo fan, consider the PDP GameCube Style Wired Fight Pad, which comes in a few different colorful themes and has the look and feel of an original GameCube controller.

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