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Since the Nintendo Switch released back in 2017, it has been a very popular choice for console gamers. It's safe to say it was at the top of a lot of holiday wishlists, too. Now that it has been around for a bit and had some time to grow past the overwhelming demand, we think a lot more deals are going to start popping up. So far, it seems bundles are the way to go, but whatever the best options are you'll be sure to find them right here:

Best Newegg Deal

Right now at Newegg you can get the Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con controllers for $279.99 with code EMCTCVB43. This deal even comes with a free game, Sushi Striker, which seems to be a sort of Fruit Ninja knockoff. That's another $20 or so in value in addition to the $20 discount off the price of the Switch as compared to other retailers like Amazon.

Discount and a Free Game

Nintendo Switch console with Sushi Striker game

It requires a promo code (EMCTCVB43), but at least it's direct savings on the Switch. Plus you get a free game to go with it!

$279.99 $300 $20 off

Best Two Game Nintendo Switch Bundle Deal

Walmart has a Nintendo Switch bundle that includes the games Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch for a grand total of $359.96. Those two games individually go for more than $90, and getting more games is always a good way to go.

Best Two Game Bundle Deal

Nintendo Switch with Mario Tennis Aces and 1-2-Switch

Personally, when I get a shiny new gaming console the only thing I care about is breaking out the shiny new video games and playing. Save accessories and backpacks and SD cards for another day. Two games for at least $30 less than what they normally go for is exactly the bundle for me.

$359.96 $390 $30 off

Best Refurbished Nintendo Switch Deal

Nintendo's official eBay store has a 32GB Gray Joy-Con Nintendo Switch on sale for $259.99. Despite being a refurb, it comes with a one-year warranty and Nintendo promises it's fully functional. The best price on a new Gray Joy-Con Switch is $299 at Amazon. This was $275 last month, so it's $15 cheaper right now.

Best Refurb

Nintendo Switch 32GB Gray Joy-Con Refurb

This is an Authentic Nintendo Refurbished set and has a warranty that speaks to its quality. It's been quite some time since we last saw a true direct discount on the Switch console. This refurb price is the only real deal that lets you get the console you're looking forward to and actually save money in the process.

$259.99 $300 $40 off

How to get the best Nintendo Switch Deals

The Nintendo Switch is a force and has been since release. The console has games you can't get anywhere else, features you can't find on other devices, and basically an entire ecosystem of accessories and peripherals built around it. While it has been hard to find true, directly discounted deals on the console itself, there have still been plenty of ways to save.

Of course seeing it bundled with games is the best. The games are peak Nintendo and include some of the most immersive and fun experiences around. Walmart seems to be leading the way on bundle deals at the moment, and that includes some rare pickups like the Pikachu Edition Bundle, which often sells as low as $400. If you're really into Pokemon, that's the way to go just for the yellow Joy-Con controllers.

Another great way to save is through the accessories. We see a lot of deals on things like Switch travel cases and Joy-Con charging docks. We've seen deals saving on Nintendo eShop gift cards at Newegg, and at this very moment you can get a full year of Nintendo Switch Online for free through Twitch Prime. Given the Switch's limited on-board storage, you can also save by keeping an eye out for great microSD card deals. One big card or a bunch of tiny ones at a super inexpensive price can keep you from worrying about running out of room ever again.

Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch in 2019

The Nintendo Switch is the most portable console we've yet to see, so there will be quite a few people who'll take it with them on their travels and commutes. If you want to keep your Switch safe as safe as possible, you need to invest in a carrying case. Thankfully, there's no shortage of options. Here are the best travel cases for the Nintendo Switch.

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Switch kit: RDS Traveler Deluxe Case

Staff favorite

It's neat and petite. This deluxe case can fit the Switch tablet, the Dock, the Joy-Con controllers and the Grip, as well as the various cables, all in a nice compact form factor.

$40 at Amazon

Pouch city: Mumba Carrying Case

Mumba's carrying case for the Nintendo Switch is slick. It's wide enough to fit your Switch while the Joy-Cons are attached. A pouch sits in the upper compartment to hold extra cables, Joy-Cons, and other accessories. Plus, there's a whole little pouch dedicated to holding your Switch games.

$24 at Amazon

Plain cheap: AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is all about delivering quality on the cheap. This usually means there are no crazy bells and whistles getting in the way, but that can add to the charm for some people. It doesn't hurt that this roomy case with room for all your Switch stuff is one of the cheapest you'll find in this form factor.

$26 at Amazon

Travel light: TomToc Ultra Slim Case

I like to pack light when I travel and this case lets me bring my Switch and plenty of games along with me without adding a lot of bulk. It's quite protective while saving a lot of space and can hold up to ten games as well.

$21 at Amazon

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