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Have you played all of your Nintendo Switch games, and you're looking for a bit more fun? I know how pricey they can be, especially if you're on a budget and can't spend $60 on a game. Here at iMore, we have found some great games currently on sale. If any of these types of games spark your interest, be sure to check them out by clicking the links below.

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Sometimes you can find a couple of gems on Amazon for sale, but make sure you catch them quickly. While Amazon is great for prices and fast delivery, they don't always let us know how long a sale will last. Every week we'll update this section to keep it fresh to make sure you pop back in on Tuesday evenings to see what we have in store for you!

OPUS Collection: The Day We Found Earth + Rocket of Whispers

$40 $25

With two adventure games in one, these OPUS games tell the stories of a robot saving humanity and apocalypse survivors trying to help lost souls get back to where they belong.

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My Time at Portia

$40 $30

Choose how to build up the workshop your father leaves you in the town of Portia. Form relationships with the townspeople and see what you can find in the ruins as you keep up with your renovations.

Tokyo Mirage Session #FE Encore

$60 $50

This newly released battle game will have you dancing as you go while your Atlus and Fire Emblem characters use their creative power to save Tokyo!

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eShop games on sale this week

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You don't have to spend a fortune to find awesome games for the Nintendo Switch. Every week the eShop hosts new sales for you to peruse. We've gathered the best deals on the best games and placed them below.


$25 $13

This unique puzzle game is all about teamwork! Bulder and Glo have to work together to solve puzzles that will get them through the world of a lost civilization. Play by yourself, or celebrate the game's theme of friendship by playing with a friend!

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Sonic Mania

$20 $10

A tribute to all that Sonic has been through the years; Sonic Mania combines the 2D style with new modes, enemies, and bosses to play!

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

$60 $15

The Rabbids of Rayman have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom! The Mario crew bands together with these crazy Rabbids to fight their enemies.

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What are your favorite sales?

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Updated February 17, 2020: Updated for games on sale this week.

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