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Are you looking to have a bit more fun on your Nintendo Switch but don't know where to find the best Switch game deals? I know everyone's favorite Nintendo Switch games can be pricey, especially if you're on a budget and can't spend $60 on a game. However, here at iMore, we have found some great games currently on sale. If any of these games spark your interest, check them out by clicking the links below.

Best Switch game deals: Pre-order options on Amazon

Here's every game you can pre-order on Amazon right now for Nintendo Switch. Just click the title to check it out!

Best Switch game deals: Physical game sales on Amazon right now — get them quick!

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Sometimes you can find a couple of gems on Amazon for sale but make sure you catch them quickly. The best Nintendo Switch games tend to sell out fast when there's a good deal. Additionally, while Amazon is great for prices and fast delivery, they don't always tell us how long a deal will last. We'll update this section every week to keep it fresh, so make sure you pop back in regularly to see what we have in store for you!

NBA 2K23

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Take to the court and step into the shoes of some of the biggest basketball legends in history. You can build up your team, compete against other players, and recruit a team filled with players from different eras. There are multiple modes to keep things fresh and multiplayer is available both locally and online. 


NBA 2K23|(was $60) Now $27

Assemble your dream basketball team with legendary players throughout history. You can play solo or compete with friends. Online play is also available.

Buy from: Amazon

Luigi's Mansion 3

As we said in our Luigi's Mansion 3 review, you can play this game solo, but it also offers one of the best co-op campaigns in any Nintendo Switch game. As a solo experience, players switch between controlling Luigi or his gelatinous buddy Gooigi in order to solve puzzles and advance through a haunted hotel in order to save Mario, Peach, and some Toads. If two people are playing then one person controls each character. Luigi and Gooigi both have skills that the other character doesn't have so they must work together and uncover the silly specters hiding around them. 


Luigi's Mansion 3 |(Was $60) Now $42

Luigi, Peach, and Mario get invited to a luxurious hotel only to discover that it was all a trick planned out by ghosts. Now Luigi and his buddy Gooigi must run around, solve puzzles, and save everyone. 

Buy from: Amazon

Carnival Games

Carnival Games makes for a great game night activity since it provides 20 different activities for one to four players to experience from one Switch. Shoot hoops, participate in cosmic bowling, shoot at targets while on a track, try to throw balls in cups, and much more. Players gain tickets as rewards which can be used to purchase customization items for their characters such as hats and clothes. 


Carnival Games | (Was $40) Now $15

Go to a digital carnival and participate in 20 different activities like bowling, target practice, batting cages, and more. You can play on your own or compete with others in local multiplayer.

Buy from: Amazon

Best Switch game deals: eShop games on sale this week

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You don't have to spend a fortune to find awesome games for the Nintendo Switch. Every week the eShop hosts new sales for you to peruse. We've gathered the best deals on the best games and placed them below. 


It might have a simple art style, but Inside is anything but kiddie. It's rated M for Mature and has players trying to make their way through haunting locations in this narrative-driven platformer. See how well you can escape the malicious forces out to get you and enjoy the creepy atmosphere this game is known for. 


Inside| (was $20) Now $2

Make your way through various creepy settings while trying to steer clear of enemies that are out to get you in this haunting platformer. 

Buy from: Nintendo

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Experience the Marvel universe while playing as LEGO versions of Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Hulk, Ant-Man, Thor, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and much more. There are baddies to defeat and a large world to explore. You can get lost smashing everything in sight (since just about everything is made of LEGOs) or you can take on specific missions and work to save the world. 


LEGO Marvel Superheroes | (Was $30) Now $3

Play as various superheroes from the Marvel universe while battling supervillains and saving the world. Everything is made of brick and you can smash nearly everything that comes in your path. 

Buy at: Nintendo

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Few stories are as well known as the core Star Wars series, so much so that it's only right to poke fun at this celebrated franchise. LEGO knows exactly how to take the most iconic moments from the nine core films and retell them in humorous ways. Play as Luke, Laia, Han, Darth Vader, Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2, and much more. There are plenty of characters to unlock and each one has specific attacks and skills at their disposal to help defeat enemies and solve puzzles. 


LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga | (Was $60) Now $35

Experience all nine of the core Star Wars games in silly LEGO form. You can unlock hundreds of different characters who have different abilities and fighting styles. 

Buy at: Nintendo

What games are you looking for on sale?

Do you have any games you love that are currently on sale? What games do you hope will go on sale in the future? We'll be sure to keep an eye out for any future deals on the best Nintendo Switch games, so you can grab some great titles for less.

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