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Nintendo Switch is known for having rather expensive games, so finding the best Switch games under $10 is a rarity. Nintendo does carry some, but how good are they exactly? Here are some of the best Nintendo Switch games I've found in that price range.

Blaster Master Zero

Blaster Master ZeroSource: INTI CREATES CO., LTD.

Blaster Master Zero takes you back to the NES's good ol' days with its 8-bit style and side-scrolling action scenes. Take on bosses and dungeons as Sophia III, with different weapons and even your friends.

$10 at Nintendo


Earth WarsSource: One or Eight

This 2D action game lets you create your own character as you take on the E.B.E. to protect humankind. Choose the best armor and best weapons to take on the biggest enemies in the game.

$5 at Nintendo

Super One More Jump

Super One More JumpSource: SMG Studio

Super One More Jump is an arcade-style platformer, and the title basically gives away the game. With over a hundred levels and many different characters, you can play by yourself or with friends.

$7 at Nintendo

Tennis in the Face

Tennis In The FaceSource: 10tons

Here is another game where the objective is essentially in the name. As you go through the platforms, your goal is to hit every enemy you see in the face with a tennis ball. Enjoy this hilarious game as you take on cops, clowns, and even everyday business people.

$5 at Nintendo

Frederic: Resurrection of Music

Frederic Resurrection of MusicSource: Forever Entertainment

This hilarious game follows Fredric Chopin on his journey to save music forever. You have to take on multiple people, dueling others until you become the master of the piano.

$6 at Nintendo

Unholy Heights

Unholy HeightsSource: mebius.

Unholy Heights follows you, playing as the Devil, as you collect rent and protect your tenants as well. You have to collect rent, improve living situations, and defeat all humans trying to come to your building. Take care of your underworld tenants, and protect them from those pesky humans.

$5 at Nintendo


ShuSource: Coatsink Software

As the Storm consumes the Shu village, you are running to try to save yourself from the end of the world. With 21 levels, 6 different lands, and 10 unique characters to join your journey, you need to work together with these strangers to defeat the Storm.

$10 at Nintendo

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon ScreenshotSource: Nintendo

Take it back to the days of 8-bit gaming and enjoy a classic of a popular series. This first Fire Emblem game has never been released in North America before and is now available to play on the Switch. Build your own unique journey as you choose from 50 characters and 20 classes.

$6 at Nintendo


Meganoid Gameplay ScreenSource: Orange Pixel

If you're looking for a Metroid-like platformer to get you through until Nintendo finally releases their new game, Meganoid is definitely one of the best Switch games under $10. As you go through the Meganoid ship, it will be a little different every time. Will you choose to try to get out as fast as you can or collect all you can along the way?

$9 at Nintendo

Fibbage XL

Fibbage XL Gameplay ScreenSource: Jackbox Game

Sometimes lying can be a good thing, like in Fibbage XL! This is a party game where everyone makes their entries to the game from an internet browser, usually on their phone. You are given a prompt with a fill-in-the-blank where you have to come up with the best lie to fool the other players then select the truth out of the submitted answers. May the best liar win!

$10 at Nintendo


Doom 64 Switch ScreenshotSource: Bethesda

The popularity of the DOOM franchise has risen again with the release of the new DOOM Eternal game. By far, one of the best Switch games under $10 to enjoy even more DOOM is the Nintendo 64's DOOM 64 remastered. Play one of the first versions of this shooter from hell now on your Switch.

$3 at Nintendo

A Short Hike

A Short HikeSource: Whippoorwill

A Short Hike is an open-world hiking game where players can make the hike as short or long as they please. Explore the nature and people around you if you'd like. Take a swim in the rivers. However you choose to enjoy your hike, this peaceful game is here for you to relax.

$8 at Nintendo

What game are you going to get?

These are some of the best Nintendo Switch games that you can get for less than a Hamilton. Let us know which of these games you are going to get down in the comments!

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