Sure, Breath of the Wild will set you back $60 right now. It should, the game is massive and beautiful and the most fun you'll have exploring a game world this year. But that price tag is actually the exception when it comes to Nintendo Switch games right now. Many of the best games for the platform don't cost that full AAA game price, and this collection here proves it.

Want to spend less than $20 on your next Switch addiction? We've got you covered!


Do you like platformers? Do you like really difficult platformers? If you do, Then Celeste is certainly in your wheelhouse. The mechanics of Celeste are easy to learn and nigh on impossible to master. This game has pretty much everything going for it. It looks great, it plays great, and it is actually incredibly engaging for a 2D platformer. It's not very often that a game like this can actually construct a narrative that causes you to care about your character. Celeste does.

If you want a challenging platformer with a great story, I suggest picking up Celeste for $20.

Stardew Valley

If you are in search of a game with a relatively low price point that will also give you hours and hours of gameplay, then you might want to consider Stardew Valley. The farming RPG may not be for everyone, but for those who interested in a spiritual successor to the Harvest Moon games, you will be in hog heaven. Take over your grandfathers farm, clean it up, grow crops, make friends with the townspeople, and even battle your way through cave systems.

There is a ton of stuff to do in Stardew Valley and for only $15, it really can't be beaten.

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Resident Evil Revelations 1 or 2

Resident Evil

If you're a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, you can now find answers to those nagging questions that were never explained after you stopped the outbreak. In Resident Evil Revelations 1, you'll go back to the time that took place after RE 4 and before RE 5 to learn what the T-Abyss virus was all about. Tag along with Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as they fight off mutated creatures on an abandoned cruise ship. In Resident Evil Revelations 2, you'll see what Clair Redfield is up to in Raccoon City after she managed to stop the virus from spreading.

Each $20 installment will take you back in time as you fight horrible creatures with fan favorites Jill, Clair, and Chris.

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Rocket League

Rocket League

Car soccer? That's right. Car soccer. These cars are like RC Racers but explode on impact more like a Funny Car. Crash, bash, and smash your way to the highest points in the game. Upgrade your ride to be stronger, faster, and able to make those goals. It supports up to eight players at once and is cross-platform compatible with Steam and Xbox One thanks to online play.

For $20, you can rocket to the top of the league (see what I did there?).

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Sonic Mania

If it looks like a retro Sega classic, and plays like a retro Sega classic, is it actually a new game? When it comes to Sonic Mania, the answer is not just yes by Hell Yes. This epic return to form feels just like a classic Sonic game, but with lots of twists and turns the originals weren't able to pull off.

It's a fantastic nostalgia trip with a healthy collection of updated gameplay mechanics that you're going to love. And for $19.99, you're going to feel real good about how much time you spend playing it.

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Welcome to the Onion Kingdom, where you and your chef friends prepare epic meals to save the day. Each level in this quirky little time crunch game is a new cooking puzzle, and this Special Edition of Overcooked! includes two expansions found on other platforms.

Even if you've played this game on another platform, you've never played the special Nintendo Switch version. It's well worth the $19.99, especially if you've got local friends to jam with.

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It's not often a launch title for a console holds up well enough to recommend after the second wave of games is launched, but Snipperclips is just that good. This puzzle game forces you to think about yourself as both the character and the tool needed to solve the puzzle, making it uniquely challenging. It's also a solid multiplayer game, though single-player options exist if you're tired of your friends failing to follow instructions.

This game is far too much fun for $19.99, especially if you have a friend with a quirky sense of humor to share the game with.

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Human Resource Machine

What is the meaning of life? Are you supposed to slave away in a cubicle for 30 years and never look outside. Well, that's not up to you silly! It's up to the Machine! This game uses simple programming mechanics so you can control an office of minions like a well-oiled The more efficient you are with your code, the better your employees will perform when faced with new tasks.

It's a fun take on teaching people how to think like programmers, and for $9 it's a great way to kill time with your Switch!

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Death Squared

Alright, so you've got four robots and each one is a different color with a different path they can take. Your job is to navigate all four across a series of increasingly challenging puzzles so they all get to the goal without exploding. Got it? Well it gets harder, because in multiplayer mode everyone gets to control a different color and if you all don't work together perfectly it's all ruined forever.

This might be the best party game on the Switch right now, as long as that party is full of puzzle-addicted nerds who love being casually insulted by the in-game voices. Which, I mean, who doesn't, especially for $14.99?

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Grab the nicest headphones you can find, dock the Switch into the biggest screen available, and turn the lights all the way down. Thumper is a ridiculously immerse, frenetic thrill ride with a crazy good experience to match. You ride the rails down deeper and deeper into an impossible nightmare, doing your best to avoid being blown up by just about everything.

Thumper is a great game on any platform, but for $19.99 on the Switch it's portable edge-of-your-seat thrills for hours.

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Graceful Explosion Machine

Who says a 2D side-scrolling spaceship shooter needs to be all greys and reds and blacks with "realistic" ships and explosions? Clearly not the folks at Vertex Pop, creators of Graceful Explosion Machine. This 2D shooter is made of bright colors and diamond explosions with the friendliest soundtrack you're going to find in a game that doesn't have actual fluffy bunnies as main characters.

It's cute, it's fun, and for $12.99 it belongs in your library.

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Updated May 2018: Added Celeste and Stardew Valley.

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