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Great headphones are a necessary Nintendo Switch accessory, perfect for when you want to fully immerse yourself in your games or tune out the rest of the world. Picking the right pair of headphones can make or break your gaming experience, especially if you're a kid. But considering how kids break, lose, or quickly tire of things, you'll want to find an affordable pair of headphones that fit your kid's needs and your Nintendo Switch. Here are the best Nintendo Switch gaming headphones for kids.

Kotion Headset

Price meets function: KOTION G9000 Headset

Staff Pick

The Kotion G9000 headset is our choice for a great kid's gaming headset. This is a top-quality gaming headset, complete with a bendable and durable headband to fit different head sizes, lightweight ear cushions, powerful bass for crisp sound clarity and quality, and compatibility with PC and consoles, including the Switch. The LED lights add a cool aesthetic while the price is easy to digest.

$22 at Amazon
Puro Sound Labs

Protect their eardrums: Puro Sound Labs BT2200s

Thesemare most expensive option on the list, but probably the most feature-rich. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200s were made to protect kids eardrums, delivering the studio sound, including clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass–all within the safety of 85 dB volume range, as suggested by the World Health Organization.

$95 at Amazon
Somic Headset

Excellent sound: SOMIC G951S Stereo Gaming Headset

With the 7.1 virtual surround sound and 50mm audio drivers, the sound quality of the Somic G951S headset is hard to beat. Couple that with an adjustable headband, soft and comfortable earmuffs, and the ever-popular cat ears, the flexible mix is compatible with consoles, PC, and mobile devices.

$40 at Amazon
Steel Series Arctis

Clear out the background noise: SteelSeries Arctis 3

The SteelSeries Arctis 3 is a pricier option better suited for older kids, but it's one of the better headsets you can buy. Made of ultra-light materials for maximum comfort, the SteelSeries Arctis 3 has a built-in audio sharing jack for group gaming, and a ClearCast microphone, delivering premium sound clarity with background noise cancelation.

$57 at Amazon
Beexcellent Headset

Be excellent to one another: Beexcellent GM-1

The Beexcellent GM-1 is another excellent and affordable option for your kid. It's compatible with consoles, PC, and mobile devices, features a lightweight headband, and has 3D sound so you can fully get into any game you're playing.

$20 at Amazon
Ziumier Headset

A solid choice: Ziumier Gaming Headset

With its noise-canceling microphone, RGB LED lighting, and ergonomic design, the Ziumier Gaming Headset is sure to win over your kid with its comfort and style.

$20 at Amazon
Onanoff Headphones

Perfect for toddlers: Onanoff BuddyPhones

The Onanoff Buddy Phones were designed with younger toddlers in mind. Sound is capped at the WHO-recommended level of 85dB and made from safe materials that are hypoallergenic, super durable, and custom-made to be comfortable for kids to wear. Pair it with anyone of the many great Switch games for younger gamers, and they'll be set for anything.

$25 at Amazon
Simolio Headphones

A great pick: Similio Headphones

Another option for younger gamers, the Similio Headphones come with three-level volume limiters, essential for monitoring high volume levels, 15 hours of battery life with a single charge, and both wired and wireless options with an in-line and built-in microphone.

$26 at Amazon
Riwbox Headphones

Nyan, nyan: Riwbox CT-7S Headset for Kids

This is a cute alternative headset that's all about flash. With LED lighting that changes color to the car-ears on the band, you're sure to make a statement. Even nicer is the option to switch between wired and wireless mode, and the sound quality is nothing to scoff at either.

$32 at Amazon

Kids deserve the best

While adults may not consider it, choosing the right headset for your kid requires the same amount of thought and consideration as picking out a pair. Whether you're thinking about comfort, balanced sound, rich bass, volume limiting, sound quality, noise-blocking, or price, you consider it for yourself, you should consider it for your kid. Also, remember if you go the wireless route, you'll need to grab a bluetooth adapter for the Nintendo Switch.

Considering its feature set and price point, our favorite choice is the KOTION G9000 Headset. It packs a lot of style and function into an affordable price tag. If you're willing to splurge on your purchase, the Puro Sound Labs BT2200s are the best pair of headphones you can buy for your kids. Top quality materials and sound options ensure your kid will enjoy amazing sound when playing some of the best games the Switch has to offer.

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