Best Nintendo Switch Joy-Con deals July 2021

How to fix controller drift Nintendo Switch
How to fix controller drift Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are truly some of the most unique controllers ever created. And with that being said, they also happen to be some of the priciest. When it comes time to replace your Joy-Con controllers or if you need a pair for co-op gaming, it's always a wise idea to scope out a deal before heading to the store and paying full price. Switching your Joy-Cons can even bring a new look to your console.

If you've been a Nintendo Switch gamer for a while now, you're probably aware there are more than a few ways to play. The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for instance is a more traditional model that doesn't require much guesswork to use, though you also lose a lot of the charm that comes when playing Nintendo Switch games as they were made to be enjoyed — pun intended.

Though Nintendo used to sell Left or Right Joy-Con controllers separately as well as in pairs, the single Joy-Con controllers are rarely available to purchase new these days. It's much easier to find a pair of Left and Right Joy-Con controllers instead of finding them sold separately. Buying a single Joy-Con is usually half the price even before taking into account any discounts, so this could be a better way to buy if you only need one and can find one for purchase.

Best Nintendo Joy-Con deals

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L/R | $11 off at Amazon

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L/R | $11 off at Amazon

Amazon is offering more than $10 off multiple colorways of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers today! Snag a pair in Neon Pink & Neon Green, Neon Red & Neon Blue, Neon Blue & Neon Yellow, and other colors while supplies last.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L/R | 5% off daily at Target

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con L/R | 5% off daily at Target

There's always a way to save at Target even when there's no sale going on! Simply use a free RedCard at checkout to save 5% on the purchase instantly. That will save you $4 off the regular price of a pair of Joy-Cons there.

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