Best Nintendo Switch Lite Grips iMore 2021

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handy portable device, isn't it? With a slew of excellent games at your fingertips, the Switch Lite is perfect for those who prefer to game on the go and away from their TV. But despite being our gaming portable of choice, we can all agree that our biggest beef with the Switch Lite is it is not the most comfortable system to hold, and my hands often cramp after long stretches of game time. Thankfully, that can be solved with the addition of a simple grip. Here are the best grips for the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Satisfye Grip

Cream of the crop: Zengrip Go

Staff Pick

The Zengrip Go is a relief to Switch Lite owners. The grips prevent hand cramps and finger strain with its comfortable rubber grips, and it's lightweight, so your Switch won't ever become too heavy to handle. It's easy to install and just as easy to remove. What more do you need?

$40 at Amazon
Oivo Switch Lite Grip

Keep your games in reach: OIVO Nintendo Switch Lite Grip

A great affordable grip for the Switch, the OIVO grip slips onto the Switch with ease and comes with additional grips for the Switch joysticks. Even cooler, the back of the grip has slots that can fit your favorite Nintendo Switch games.

$14 at Amazon
Orzly Grip Case

Great case and great grip: Orzly Grip Case

The Orzly Grip Case is a larger card that fits over your Nintendo Switch Lite. It comes complete with a kickstand and a pack of thumbsticks for added grip and even comes custom molded to hold a couple of Switch games.

$15 at Amazon
Jetech Protective Case With Grip

Beauty in simplicity: JETech Protective Case

The JETech Protective Case is a worthy shield for the Switch Lite and is perfect for those who don't want a case obstructing their Switch Lite's natural beauty. It's affordable, and the grips on the back provide additional support for your hands.

$10 at Amazon
Skullandco Gripcase

For every occassion: Skull & Co. Grip Case

This slick and stylish grip case features interchangeable grips that can be swapped out to match your Switch's color scheme and three different grip styles to fit your hands and your playstyle.

$20 at Amazon
Leyusmart Case Grip

Worthy protection: LeyuSmart Protector Case

The LeyuSmart Protective Case makes the list because it's packed full of color and grip. The case itself is shockproof and scratch-resistant, and the comfortable hand grip completes the package.

$15 at Amazon
Switch Hand Grip

A simple grip: HEATFUN Hand Grip

A simple hand grip that slips onto your Switch and Switch Lite with ease. Affordable, simple to use, and comes with a kickstand.

$10 at Amazon
Kiwihome Hand Grip

Ideal for younger gamers: KIWIHOME Switch Lite Grip

This handy ergonomic design works exceptionally well with the Switch Lite, and it features a built-in game case, which stores up to six games and two microSD cards.

$19 at Amazon
Extreme Rate Case

Style is everything: eXtremeRate Switch Lite Grip Case

This Switch Light grip provides ample support thanks to its sturdy casing and looks so good doing so. If you like styling your Switch Lite, you'll love this grip case.

$18 at Amazon

A perfect grip on your Switch Lite

There are so many great games to play on the Switch that it's easy to get lost for hours at a time. If you're finding that your hands are becoming fatigued after long play sessions, then a Switch Lite grip is the accessory for you. Our top choice is the Zengrip Go. It's comfortable, light, and easy to use and comes in a bundle that includes lots of great Switch Lite gear. The only downside is that it's a little on the pricy side.

This is why the OIVO Nintendo Switch Lite Grip is our other choice. If you're just looking to improve grip and grip alone, this Switch Lite does just that. Affordable and comfortable, the OIVO Nintendo Switch Lite Grip also comes with four slots on the back so you can keep your favorite games close to you. Which games you choose, though, is entirely up to you.

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