Best Numeric Keypads for Mac 2022

Lekvey Wireless Numeric Keypad
Lekvey Wireless Numeric Keypad (Image credit: Amazon)

Numeric keypads are essential for financial professionals and simplify data entry for everyone who uses Numbers or Excel, or anyone who is used to using a ten-key keypad. There are no Macs being shipped today that come standard with a numeric keypad on the keyboard. This means that you may look to purchase one separately. We have searched high and low for the best numeric keypads for Mac, so let's explore what features to look for and what makes each one different.

Numerical necessity

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Numeric keypads are important for entering numeric data into your spreadsheets and other documents. You can buy a wide variety of keypads, either wired or wireless, rechargeable or battery-operated, basic keys or additional function keys, and the option for backlighting. For very little money, you can upgrade your Mac typing experience by adding a numeric keypad.

The Belkin YourType is our favorite, if only because of its similarities to a standard Apple Magic Keyboard. It will match your setup perfectly and add numeric and function keys to help with your numeric data entry. While it lacks a rechargeable battery and backlight, it works wirelessly and looks great next to your Magic Keyboard.

If you have an available USB port, then the Macally Wired USB Numeric Keypad may be all you need. It will perform the basic function of giving you a numeric keypad for the least amount of money possible.

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