Best Poké Ball Plus charger dock 2022

Moko Charging Stand Hero
Moko Charging Stand Hero (Image credit: MoKo)

All serious Pokémon trainers need a compact charging dock to keep their Poké Ball Plus securely in place while charging. The best Poké Ball Plus charger docks also let you know when the battery is full. We've compiled a list of all the best Poké Ball Plus charger docks on the market, so you can keep playing Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee with this special controller.

Gotta charge 'em all

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When determining the best Poké Ball Plus chargers on the market, we considered price, customer reviews, and overall convenience. We've determined the best of the best is the MoKo Charging Stand because its matching color scheme looks great, and its stable base means you won't worry about it falling over when it's charging or just on display. The charging cable enables fast charging, so you can just plug it into anything with a USB port such as one of the best battery backups for your Nintendo Switch.

If you also want a home for your Switch dock and game collection, you can opt for the Klipdasse Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch. It will help you stay organized while also making sure all your devices are powered and protected. It's a great way to display your best Nintendo Switch controllers in one compact spot. For something simple and easily portable, grab the Funcilit 5-in-1 Poké Ball Plus Charger Stand, which comes with a protective cover and carrying case. Whichever you pick, the best Poké Ball Plus charger will make sure you're ready to master your favorite Pokémon game.

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