Best Poké Ball Plus Charger Dock iMore 2021

All serious Pokémon trainers need a compact charging dock to keep their Poké Ball Plus securely in place while charging. The best Poké Ball Plus charger docks also let you know when the battery is full. We've compiled a list of all the best Poké Ball Plus charger docks on the market, so you can keep playing Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee with this special controller.

Fyoung Multi Function Charging Dock

Power everything: FYOUNG Multi-Function Charging Dock for Switch

Staff Pick

This charging station is the perfect option for the tidy Switch gamer. It allows you to charge your Pro Controller, two pairs of Joy-Cons, and a Poké Ball Plus all at the same time without taking up too much room. Check the LED light indicator on the front of the device to see the charging status of your controllers.

$27 at Amazon
MoKo Charging Stand For Nintendo Switch Poke Ball Plus Controller

Perfect match: MoKo Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch Poké Ball Plus Controller

Fitting the red and white colors of a Poké Ball Plus, this stand makes a great way to display your controller with the slip-resistant base ensuring it stays put. It's equipped with a Type-C charging cable for fast charging, letting you get back to catching Pokémon quickly.

$17 at Amazon
Best Poke Ball Plus Charger Orzly

Show it off: Orzly Poké Ball Switch Dock

This charging dock has a built-in USB power cable so you won't have to worry about it slipping out, though the interior USB-C connector can be tucked away when your PokéBall isn't charging to turn it into a stylish stand. That feature also comes in handy if you're traveling and don't want to damage the charging pins.

$8 at Amazon
Klipdasse Charging Dock For Nintendo Switch

Game on: Klipdasse Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

Organize all your accessories and your game collection with this storage rack, which charges four Joy-Cons, two Pro Controllers, and two Poké Balls simultaneously. It also has room for 15 game boxes and a dozen game cards and a slot for your Switch dock. An LED indicator tells you the status of each controller that's plugged in and the device manages power output to prevent overcharging.

$40 at Amazon
5-in-1 Pokeball Plus Charger Kit

Extra protection: Funcilit 5-in-1 Poké Ball Plus Charger Stand

This is the charging station pack for anyone who wants to protect their Poké Ball Plus in style. It comes with a silicone case, a carrying case, a carabiner, a long USB Type-C charging cable, and charging stand. The stand itself is not a dock, but it will hold your Poké Ball Plus securely in place while charging with the cable. Note that the cable is longer than the one that comes with the Poké Ball Plus, so you'll be able to reach an outlet more easily.

$17 at Amazon

Gotta charge 'em all

When determining the best Poké Ball Plus chargers on the market, we considered price, customer reviews, and overall convenience. We've determined the best of the best is the FYOUNG Multi-Function Charging Dock for Switch because it will charge your Poké Ball Plus alongside your Joy-Cons and Pro Controller, with LEDs letting you know the status of each accessory. It's a great way to display your best Nintendo Switch controllers in one compact spot.

If you also want a home for your Switch dock and game collection, you can opt for the Klipdasse Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch. It will help you stay organized while also making sure all your devices are powered and protected. For something simple and easily portable, grab the Funcilit 5-in-1 Poké Ball Plus Charger Stand which comes with a protective cover and carrying case. Whichever you pick, the best Poké Ball Plus charger will make sure you're ready to master your favorite Pokémon game.

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