Best Portable Charger for Philips Hue Go

If you want to add some portability to your Philips Hue Go then you're probably going to want a power bank with an AC plug that doesn't take up a ton of space. There are other chargers that'll provide more juice but you probably don't want a box that's twice the size of the Hue Go sitting there looking like an eyesore. The Jackery PowerBar is perfect for these specific needs.

Truly mobile AC power

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There have been mobile power banks that provide power to plug-in devices for years. Unfortunately, most of them were constructed with little thought for visual design. Jackery is aware of this issue and set out to create a device that is designed with technological applications in mind rather than industrial. The PowerBank is housed in a sleek and attractive metal casing that gives it an awesome look. Its footprint is downright dainty compared to other power banks that offer an AC outlet.

This little powerhouse would be perfect for using with your Hue Go without drawing attention to itself. In fact, you could tuck it behind the Hue Go and not even notice that its there.

Reasons to buy

  • Excellent visual design
  • Small footprint
  • TSA approved

Reasons not to buy

  • Not the biggest capacity

Awesome look with a small footprint

If you want a power bank that looks awesome and isn't a huge box that requires a handle to tote around then the Jackery PowerBar is perfect for your needs. There are not a ton of power banks on the market that are small and also offer an AC plug. The PowerBar measures only 6 x 2 x 2 inches and offers a relatively impressive 20,800 milliamp-hour battery. In terms of size versus capacity, it strikes an awesome balance Also, this little baby is TSA approved so you can take it on the plane with you. The Jackery PowerBar runs a little bit on the heavy side at about one and a half pounds, but all power banks that offer an AC plug could be considered heavy.

Visually styling is not comprimised for functionality.

The great part about Jackery power banks is that it's clear that they put considerable thought into how their products look. When so many power banks with AC functionality look like lumpy hunks of plastic that would be more at home on a construction site than a desk, the Jackery PowerBar is a breath of fresh air. It looks great and it does the job incredibly well. I would have to assume that anyone who is a fan of the beautifully designed Hue Go is going to be conscious of visual design. If that's the case, consider the Jackery PowerBar to keep your light glowing in sleek minimalist style.

Alternatives to the Jackery PowerBar

If you don't really care about what your power bank looks like, or you find that the $120 being asked for the Jackery PowerBar is a bit too steep for your taste, there are other options. If all you care about is power capacity, you may want to check out the Jackery Explorer 160. If all you want is a power bank with a low price, look into the certified refurbished RavPower iSmart power bank.

This may not exactly be a power bank that you can slip in your backpack — it's about the size of a lunchbox. However, it'll give you 167 Watt-hours of juice. It also provides one USB-C port and two fast charging SUB-A ports. At $200 it's not cheap, but it is a beast. In addition, if you feel like dumping more money into this endeavor, you can also purchase solar panels implicitly designed for this charger. As far as I'm concerned, this is overkill for a Hue Go. However, if you could use it for other purposes like camping, it may be perfect for you.

This power bank may not be brand new in the strictest terms. However, it is refurbished and sold by the company that built and designed it and if you're going to buy refurbished, this is probably the best way to do it. Considering the fact that it can save you around $70, it may be worth considering.

Bottom line

As far as I am concerned The Jackery PowerBar is perfect for keeping some juice in your Phillips Hue Go when you are away from an outlet. It looks good, its small, and it has an AC outlet. It ticks all the boxes and can handle a simple specific task like keeping your light lit. There are other options that may be a bit more powerful or cheaper but I think the PowerBar is the Goldilocks charger for this application.

Jaz Brown