Best protective cases for Nintendo Switch Lite 2022

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite (Image credit: Nintendo)

The Switch Lite is designed for travel, but you still need to take care of it. Choosing the best Switch Lite case depends on your budget and other needs, such as if you plan to take plenty of game cartridges with you or want to stash accessories. Some of the best Switch Lite cases double as a stand or will provide extra protection while you're playing. This guide will help you figure out the best way to keep your device safe.

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Wherever you go, and wherever you currently are, the HORI Tough Pouch is one of the best Switch Lite cases and will not let you down. Guaranteed to withstand anything thrown at it, trust in this Nintendo Switch Lite case to get the job done.

The Orzly Carry case is of exceptional value given that it can store up to eight games, some earbuds, cables, and even a slimline battery pack. Can't resist taking your Pro Controller, big battery pack, headphones, and a wide variety of games with you? Then feel free to give the PDP Commuter Case a look. No matter what your budget is, these are easily the best Switch Lite cases, hands down.

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