Best replacement charging cables for Nintendo Switch Lite iMore 2021

It's easy to love the portability of the Nintendo Switch Lite and want to take it everywhere, but that creates the potential to misplace or damage your charging cable. Having one of the best Switch Lite battery backups will get you by for a bit, but your best bet is getting a replacement charging cable for your Nintendo Switch Lite. Even if you're only looking for an extra power cord to keep in a different room or your bag, you'll want to make sure you purchase a replacement that works efficiently and safely with your handheld. Here are the best charging cables for Nintendo Switch Lite.

pdobq AC Power Supply Switch

Power to you: Switch AC Power Supply

Staff Pick

This is our favorite replacement Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite charger. It works efficiently and has a five-foot cord. It also offers protection against overheating, overvoltage, and short-circuiting. This will easily fit in a travel bag if you're carrying your Switch Lite with you.

$13 at Amazon
PowerA Nintendo Switch Car Charger

For the road: PowerA Nintendo Switch Car Charger

If you're the kind of person who prefers officially licensed gear, then this is the car charger to get. It's made by PowerA and is a great choice for your Switch Lite replacement charger. The cable is braided, which makes it more sturdy against bending, and offers high-speed charging.

YCCTEAM Switch Lite Car Charger

Charge more: YCCTEAM Car Charger fo Switch

This car charger is perfect for road trips. It comes with a removable 6.6-foot USB-A to USB-C cable and has two ports so you can charge two devices at once. While a USB-A to USB-C cable isn't the best way to charge your Switch Lite, this will work as a good solution for the occasional road trip where multiple devices will need to be plugged in at once.

$12 at Amazon
Bayforte Charger Cable For Nintendo Switch Lite

Twin cables: Bayforte Charger Cable for Nintendo Switch Lite

This two-pack includes both a red and a black 6.6-foot-long braided nylon cable in this pack. The cords are tangle-free with laser-welded aluminum connectors designed to be tougher and charge faster than standard cables. They also include a smart chip to provide your console with a steady current and protect it from overcharging.

$11 at Amazon
Anker Powerline 10 Foot Cable

Go the distance: Anker Powerline 10-Foot Cable

This cable reaches 10 feet, so it's more likely to be able to reach a power source while you're playing your Switch Lite. The longer length makes it perfect for travel when a power outlet might not always be in a convenient spot. It's also made with aramid fiber reinforcement to increase durability.

$20 at Amazon

It's electric

With how portable the Switch Lite is, it can be easy to misplace your charging cable while you're out and about. Or, if you're like me, you might want to pick up one of the best Switch Lite replacement chargers just to have more than one charging cable in your home. I have a dedicated charger that I use on-the-go and one that stays plugged into my living room wall. I've researched to find the best chargers for your Switch Lite, whether you need a full-on AC charger or simply need the cables.

The best replacement charger for your Switch Lite is definitely the Switch AC Power Supply. It looks a lot like the official charger and doesn't cost that much. If you happen to have both a Switch Lite and the original Switch, you'll be able to charge either device with this power supply.

If you're looking for something to use on a road trip, I highly recommend getting the YCCTEAM Switch Lite Car Charger as it comes with a detachable 6.6-foot cable and offers two ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time.

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