Best Screen Protectors for Nintendo Switch Lite iMore 2019

The Nintendo Switch Lite is made to travel. It is a more sleek, lightweight design intended to be an on-the-go console. A big part of keeping your technology safe, wherever it may go, is having the right screen protector. With a good screen protector, your Nintendo Switch Lite can be free of scratches, cracks, bubbles, and fingerprints.

High Quality with a Warranty: FilmHoo Screen Protector

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With this screen protector, you can expect a sturdy, shatterproof cover. The tempered glass is highly transparent, shatterproof, responsive, and prevents the rainbow effect you may get in the sunlight, so it doesn't interfere with your playability. It will also keep your screen free from smudges and fingerprints with an oleophobic coating. The lifetime replacement warranty can give you peace of mind. You can contact FilmHoo with any issues you may experience, and you have three protectors in a pack!

$7 from Amazon

Good Protection for Less: Orzero Screen Protector

Get most of the protection features you could want with the Orzero Screen Protector. Equipped with anti-shock drop resistance and scratch protection, this pack gives you three screen protectors. A 2.5D arc edge offers a more round edge to make playing and holding the Nintendo Switch Lite more comfortable. Orzero's warranty will replace your screen protector at no cost if you have bubbles you can't get out, if the protector doesn't fit, or if everyday use has caused wear and tear.

$6 from Amazon

Cover Everything: SLEO 3 in 1 Accessories Kit

If it's more your style to protect the whole console and games, you may want to consider this accessories kit that includes a screen protector. The SLEO screen protector is tempered glass and is shatterproof. In addition to the screen protector, this accessories kit comes with a hard shell carrying case and a soft silicone case that holds two additional game slots. Plus, it comes in yellow, grey, green, and white.

$18 from Amazon

Stick with quality screen protectors

There are a few small differences between a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Before you buy accessories, you should check out the differences and find which one is right for you.

If you don't want to keep replacing your screen protectors, it's best to have the one that offers the most from the start. The FilmHoo screen protector will not only protect your physical screen from the elements but your playing experience as well. With a warranty included in the great benefits of having the anti-rainbow display, HD quality, and shatterproof tempered glass, this is a great safety net for your Nintendo Switch Lite.

Having a protector with this many safety features for your screen will allow you to travel with your new, lightweight, portable system with much less stress. Plus, the slim fit of this protector will let you to play on your Nintendo Switch Lite the same as you would on the screen alone. If you like the idea of a travel case there are many great options out there, so you're sure to find one you'll enjoy.

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