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Best screen protectors for Nintendo Switch Lite 2022

Nintendo Switch Lite Link's Awakening
Nintendo Switch Lite Link's Awakening (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

While the regular Nintendo Switch is a hybrid handheld and home console, the Switch Lite is handheld-only. That means that you're more likely to just take this little gaming machine with you everywhere. To keep it looking pristine and working right, you should invest in a good screen protector for your Switch Lite; that baby is going to take a few bumps and scuffs! Don't forget to pick up one of the best Switch Lite carrying cases while you're at it!

Protect that screen at all costs!

You'll be taking your Switch Lite with you while you're out-and-about, so you might as well invest in the best Switch Lite screen protector. Because if you're anything like me, a scratch on your actual screen will bother you for the rest of your life (probably), and we certainly don't want that!

If you want some personal recommendations on the best Switch Lite screen protector, I like the amFilm brand the most. I've previously used this brand's protectors on iPhones and even the original Nintendo Switch, and they're super durable and protective against everyday wear and tear. Another good option is Tech Armor's Ballistic Glass because it is made to handle the strongest impact drops, giving you the most peace of mind regarding protection. And if money is no issue, then ZAGG's InvisibleShield Glass+ is a great option as well because it can handle anything and blends in seamlessly — it's just a little more compared to the other options.

And while you're picking up the best Switch Lite screen protector, make sure you equip your console with some of the best Nintendo Switch games! Just make sure you have a large enough microSD card for all of your favorites without having to deal with physical game cartridges.

Christine Chan
Christine Chan

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