Although Joy-Cons and Pro controllers come in various colors, sometimes it's fun to change it up with a new skin or some stickers from your favorite games. With loads of different stickers, decals, and skins to choose from, which one is the best for you to choose? Here are the best skins, decals, and stickers you can use on your Nintendo Switch controllers.

Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Skin

Take the Sheikah Slate out of the game with this Breath of the Wild skin for your Joy-Cons and Grip controller. This skin is only for the Joy-Cons and Grip controller, so there's no matching skin for the Switch itself. Make sure to pick up this skin for $10 so that you can match your favorite game.

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Splatoon 2 Pink Vs Green Skin

This Splatoon skin is sure to have you fighting to decide which side to be on this Splat Fest. Now only is this a skin for your Joy-Cons and Grip controller, but it also comes with a screen protector for the Switch itself. Splatoon 2 will be even better when you've got the skin to match your passion for the game, and it will only cost you $10.

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Hikfly Silicone Non-Slip Skin Cover

This silicon cover is perfect if you don't want to put a sticker on your controller and risk it leaving a residue. This cover comes with thumb grips as well, so you can keep your Joy-Cons covered completely. This cover is great to protect your Joy-Cons and also makes it look pretty stylish for just $7.

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Red Silicon Pro Controller Grip

This red silicon Pro controller grip will really highlight your controller while also keeping it safe. This grip is textured so that you have a great hold onto it, and it won't interfere with the NFC used to read amiibos. The back and ports are open so you don't have to worry about having to remove the grip for it to work. Pick up this grip for your Pro controller for around $7.

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Green Silicon Pro Controller Skin

This green silicone Pro controller skin is great to match up with the Splatoon 2 skin you can get for your Joy-Cons. This also won't hinder the NFC reader for your amiibos, and is open in all of the areas that you need to charge up your Pro controller. Get yourself this green skin for about $20, and keep your controller safe from dust and drops.

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17 Piece Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch

This 17 piece kit comes with loads of skins and protection for not only the Switch but also your controllers. This kit comes with two sets of colored covers for your Joy-Cons and two covers for your Pro controller as well as a cover for the Switch. This starter kit costs about $60, and it even comes with a case and two wheels for your Joy-Cons, so you can beat your friends and strangers at Mario Kart.

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Which skin will you be picking for your controllers?

Let us know which one you'll be picking out down in the comments.

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