Best Smart Christmas Lights iMore 2019

Christmas is just around the corner, and many of you are in the process of getting the Christmas tree up, or maybe it's already been done! But what about the Christmas lights? There are some cool lights out there that you can control with your smartphone through an app, and they definitely add a touch of pizazz to your Christmas traditions.

Highly customizable: Twinkly LED String Lights

Twinkly LED lights allow you to wrap your tree in custom designs that are sure to catch the attention of guests! You can wrap any shape with the lights and use preloaded effects or create your own designs from the Twinkly app. Multiple Twinkly lights can be paired up to perform together, and these lights can be used on the tree, as fairy lights, outdoor deck lights, string lights for the bedroom, and much more.

$130 at Amazon

Play with the lights: Lumenplay Starter Set

Lumenplay is an affordable option for those who want some smart Christmas lights. The starter set comes with 24 bulbs that can be used indoors or outdoors. The Lumenplay app allows you to change the color of the lights or you can go with a color palette if you can't make up your mind. There are also effects for making mini light shows on your house possible, and they can be remotely turned on or off.

$22 at Amazon

Smart but affordable: Brizled Bluetooth Smart String Lights

These mini rice lights are perfect for decorating the indoor Christmas tree. You get 100 mini lights on a 33-foot string, which should be plenty to wrap around your tree. They connect to your phone via Bluetooth and the Brizled app, and you can adjust the speed of the lights, pulsing and disco effects, colors, and more. Plus, it's fairly affordable compared to other options, and you can group up to five sets together.

$43 at Amazon

For the Philips Hue fan: Philips Hue LightStrips Plus

If you're already a Philips Hue user with the Hue Bridge, then the LightStrip Plus is a great option. The LightStrip Plus can be attached under bars, bed frames, cabinets, or wherever else you want them. The Philips Hue app lets you change the color from over 16 million colors, or you can create custom light scenes. Everything can be remotely turned on or off, and it works with your other Philips Hue lights.

$90 at Amazon

Turn dumb lights into smart ones: Wemo Mini Smart Plug

If you already have some old-school Christmas lights that work and don't want to shell out for new high-tech ones just yet, don't worry! The Wemo Smart Plug turns any old Christmas lights (or other electronics that plug in) into smart ones. This smart plug connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control your Christmas lights or other appliances through your phone with Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa. You can even set schedules to turn them on or randomize the lights.

$24 at Amazon

Illuminate the house with Christmas cheer: Philips Christmas LED Illuminate Starter Kit

If you want Philips Christmas lights but don't want to go all-in with Hue, the Illuminate Christmas LED lights are a good choice. The starter kit comes with 25 bulbs and a control box. The control box lets you connect your phone to the lights with the Illuminate app, and from there you can choose the colors that are displayed, pick out effects, adjust the speed, and even play music and have the lights dance along to the tune. You can have up to 12 sets of Illuminate lights hooked up together to create the ultimate light show.

$100 at Target

We're in the home stretch for the holiday season, and it's definitely time to get your Christmas tree, lights, and other decor up. I mean, you want to have the most festive display on your block, right? Out of all of these great options for Christmas lights, our favorite so far is definitely the Twinkly LED String Lights, because having the ability to fully customize the design of the lights is the best!

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