Best Gaming Smart Lights iMore 2022

Smart lighting has certainly gone mainstream these days, as you see many home theater setups integrating colorful lights in the background that sync with movies and television shows. But did you know that your gaming experience can also be elevated with some smart lighting too? Some may require PC software integration or boxes that turn your consoles into amazing and stunning light shows. Here are some of the best gaming smart lights that you can buy!

Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

The ultimate solution: Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

Staff Pick

Sights and sounds from Razer Chroma-enabled apps and games can sync with your Nanoleaf Canvas panels thanks to a free pairing tool for Windows. Since the Canvas has Rhythm Mode built right in, you can also sync the music from your phone while gaming or just chilling. Yes, this solution is pricey, but it's worth it.

LIFX Z LED Light Strip

Color connection: LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit

The LIFX Z LED strip may look like your ordinary light strip, but its Polychrome color technology and Razer Chroma Connector capabilities make it great for gaming. Polychrome technology allows the strip to display multiple colors at the same time, and Razer Chrome Connector syncs your game's visuals with its brilliant lights.

Philips Hue Play Bar in black next to product packaging

Bars of light: Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart LED Bar Light Extension

One of the newest products from smart leader Philips Hue, the Play light bar can create a vibrant ambiance in any room. Lay it on the floor, let it stand on the cabinet, or mount it on the back of the TV and paint your wall with light.


Beam me up: LIFX Wi-Fi LED Beam Kit

The LIFX Beam combines thin light strip-like design, with a solid light panel diffuser, creating one truly unique lighting experience. The beam sports Polychrome technology for multiple lighting zones through the entire length of the light, and it can go where other lights cannot, like sharp corners, with ease.

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Tri-force: Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Just like the Nanoleaf Canvas light panels, these triangular lights sync with your games via the Razer Chroma app, but you can also the Nanoleaf app as well as popular voice assistants. The triangular light panels offer a smoother light throughout when compared to the Canvas but lacks touch sensitivity, so it all comes down to personal preference as they both cost around the same.

Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box

Consoles too: Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box - Black

For console gamers, the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is the easiest way to add a little ambiance to your sessions. Just like its name suggests, this box connects to your console and TV using HDMI, and it syncs with any Philips Hue lighting accessories that you may already have in your home. As an added bonus, this box also works with any video set-top box, up to four devices total, and it even supports 4K.

Game on with the best gaming smart lights

With these gaming smart lights, you're going to take your game to the next level. These lights will add the perfect ambiance to the room while you play your games, and some of them can react along to your game, giving it that extra touch. And if you're a streamer, these lights will definitely make your overall setup even cooler.

If you want some recommendations, we love the Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit as it provides a stunning gaming experience when synced with Razer Chroma software. When you are not gaming, these panels are the life of the party with music sync, and each one is touch-sensitive, putting games like whack a mole on your walls! If you don't care about the touch sensitivity, then you should try the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit, because the triangular shapes allow you to be even more creative with your design. Either way, Nanoleaf is top-notch when you want the best gaming smart lights.

If you prefer the comforts of your couch and a good old fashioned game console, then check the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. This awesome plug and play accessory connects directly to your console, bringing any Philips Hue lights in your home to the gaming session.

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