It seems no matter where you run this time of year, allergens, and other particulates are floating in the air all around you. The grass, flowers, dust, and pollen that the warmer seasons bring, combined with pet dander can cause the air in your home to get pretty dirty. It sucks continuously having to pop allergy meds just to feel normal even when you're sitting in your own home.

Whether you have allergies or not, If you want the air in your home to be cleaner, here are my favorite smart air purifiers to help you out.

GermGuardian Smart 4-in-1 Air Purifier

If you're looking for a smart-enabled air purifier that won't break the bank, the $160 GermGuardian Smart 4-in-1 Air Purifier will serve you well.

Equipped with powerful fans at the back of the device, the GermGuardian not only cleans the air around you but keeps it circulating, so the clean air moves around the room.

The GermGuardian passes air through three different filters to clean the air around you of 99.97% of allergens, including dust, pet dander, pollen, and more. Plus, the smart air quality monitor will detect the number of particles in the air and adjust how fast the GermGuardian performs automatically.

Both Alexa and Google Assistant can work with the GermGuardian, but it also comes with a handy app you can use to control the device over Wi-Fi or a data network on both iOS and Android.

Blueair Classic 605

If you need an air purifier that can clean the air in a slightly bigger space, and don't mind paying a premium, the Blueair Classic 605 costs about $750 but can clean the air in the space of up to 775 square feet.

With three fan speeds, the Blueair Classic 605 can get to work removing 99.97% of the allergens in the air fast. It also sports a quiet mode that allows the Blueair classic to function at a whisper, perfect if you want one in your home office or where you sleep.

Compatible with Alexa and armed with the iOS or Android app, you can control the Blueair Classic 505 any way you want. You'll need to replace the filter about once a year, and the filters cost about $70. Plus, if you want a cheaper and smaller unit form Blueair, you could also check out the Classic 205 and Classic 405.

Winix NK105

For about $230, the Winix NK105 is a compact air purifier that can clean the air in a space up to 320 square feet.

While it doesn't have Alexa of Google Assistant support, it does have an app for both iOS and Android that allows you to completely control the air purifier over wi-fi or data connection.

Its four-stage cleaning process eliminates 99.97% of airborne allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dust, pet hair, and dirt. Plus, the CD carbon filter helps to get rid of odors and smoke, meaning the next time you make a pan-fried salmon your whole house won't smell like fish for days.

Don't care about Wi-Fi?

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Any suggestions?

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