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Pokémon Legends: Arceus wouldn't really be a Pokémon RPG if you didn't get to choose one of three starters at the beginning of your journey. Instead of providing brand new Pokémon, this one gives us familiar faces from three different generations. Cyndaquil from Gold and Silver, Oshawott from Black and White, and finally Rowlet from Sun and Moon. All three will make for a good choice, but one is has a slight advantage over the rest. Additionally, they all have a unique final evolution that we've never seen before.

3. Cyndaquil

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Cyndaquil is a Fire-type mouse Pokémon with flaming quils protruding from its back. It's a good pick seeing as how you won't see too many Fire-type Pokémon near the start Legends: Arceus. Its final form evolves into a Fire/Ghost type, which is really cool, but has several weaknesses. That doesn't mean he's a horrible choice, though. You'll just want to make sure you have a well-balanced team if you choose it.

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Cyndaquil (Fire) --> [Lvl 14] Quilava (Fire) --> [Lvl 36] Hisuian Typhlosion (Fire/Ghost)

2. Oshawott

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This little water otter is a great pick considering that it's typing is strong against two of the earliest noble Pokémon you'll battle. True, its defense and attacks aren't the best in its first form, but after you've leveled it up, Oshawott can hold its own against most things you throw at it.

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Oshawott (Water) --> [Lvl 17] Dewott (Water) --> [Lvl 36] Hisuian Samurott (Water/Dark)

1. Rowlet

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Unlike the other two which only have one elemental type at the start, Rowlet has two: Grass and Flying. This gives it an edge over opponents in early game and can help make it easier to catch more Pokémon in the wild. However, it's typing isn't the strongest against any of the noble Pokémon you meet a little later in. As such, you'll just want to make sure to have a good balanced team before heading into those noble Pokémon battles. He'll really give you a leg up out in the field and is the best choice of the three.

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Rowlet (Grass/Flying) --> [Lvl 14] Dartrix (Grass/Flying) --> [Lvl 36] Hisuian Decidueye (Grass/Fighting)

Who is the best?

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If you're already in love with one of these starters, go ahead and use it. Pokémon games are meant to be enjoyed and that includes using the Pokémon you love most. But if you're specifically looking for a Pokémon that will give you more of an edge, you ought to choose Rowlet. It's dual typing makes it more powerful out in the field and will help you acquire more Pokémon before you have to go up against any of the noble Pokémon. That way, you'll be more ready to take any difficult challenges on.

Make your choice

In the end, it really just boils down to who you like the most. While Rowlet and it's following evolutions give you a slight advantage over the other two, Oshawott and Cyndaquil are good choices as well.

I choose you!

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