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You've got a gorgeous iPhone 13 Pro, and you want to keep it looking that way. You know you need one of the best iPhone 13 Pro cases, but you don't want to bulk up your iPhone or obscure its sleek lines. What you need is a thin case for your iPhone 13 Pro, and we've rounded up some of the best you can buy.

Apple Iphone 13 Pro Silicone Case With Magsafe Product Red Render Cropped

Apple's own: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Staff Pick

You can never go wrong with Apple's own case because you know it will always fit and complement the iPhone perfectly. It is MagSafe compatible, so you can use a MagSafe charger and other accessories. Plus, it's the way to show off an Apple logo while using a solid, opaque case. Choose from several color options.

Spigen Thin Fit Iphone 13 Pro Case Apple Mint Render Cropped

Four-foot drop protection: Spigen Thin Fit Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Case

This thin case from Spigen is a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and PC (polycarbonate) hybrid with Air Cushion Technology at the corners for four-foot drop protection. It sports a matte finish and comes in a few color options.

From $16 at Amazon
Cyrill Cecile Iphone 13 Pro Case Flower Garden Render Cropped

Flower garden: CYRILL Cecile Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Case

This TPU and PC hybrid case is on the thinner side while still offering some decent protection. Plus, it looks charming with its floral design. Choose from two designs: Flower Garden and White Daisy.

$19 at Amazon
Totallee Thin

Totally thin, for sure: totallee Thin iPhone 13 Pro Case

You can't get much thinner than totallee cases and still have a case on your iPhone. The case is just 0.02 inches thick, which is thinner than my fingernail. Note that the "Clear (Soft)" option will be slightly thicker than the Frosted choices but still an extremely thin case.

$39 at Amazon
Peel Ultra Thin Iphone 13 Pro Case Navy Render Cropped

Ultra-thin: PEEL Ultra Thin iPhone 13 Pro Case

Another absolute minimalist option measuring again at 0.02 inches, the PEEL case is like having no case at all. It does come in several color options, and even the darker colors are semi-transparent enough to see the Apple logo through the case. There is no "PEEL" branding on the case, so the focus is only on the iPhone.

$35 at Amazon
Esr Hybrid Magnetic Case Halolock Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

MagSafe option: ESR Hybrid Magnetic Case with HaloLock Compatible with MagSafe

ESR offers a thinner, inexpensive MagSafe case option in case you'd like to be able to securely use a MagSafe charger and other MagSafe accessories such as wallets, grips, and stands. It's clear, so the beauty of your iPhone shines through.

$19 at Amazon
Gviewin Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Marble look: GVIEWIN Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro

This pretty, colorful case is quite thin, yet it has a raised lip around the screen and camera module for protection when you set it down. Choose from several colorful marble designs for a unique look.

From $16 at Amazon
Rifle Paper Co Magsafe Case Iphone 13 Pro Garden Party Blue Render Cropped

Fashionable: Rifle Paper Co - MAGSAFE Case for iPhone 13 Pro

This collaboration between fashion-forward case maker Case-Mate and popular stationer Rifle Paper Co has resulted in this gorgeous design on a case that's pretty lightweight and yet protective. This one is MagSafe-compatible, so you can use all of your MagSafe accessories with it.

$35 at Amazon
Otofly Iphone 13 Pro Case Render Cropped

Huge color selection: OTOFLY Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Case

This slim, microfiber-lined silicone case comes in dozens of color options, so you are sure to find one that suits your taste. It looks similar to Apple's silicone case, but it's a fraction of the price.

From $16 at Amazon
Apple Leather Case Iphone 13 Pro

Leather luxury: Apple iPhone 13 Pro Leather Case with MagSafe

When only leather will do, consider Apple's own slim leather case with MagSafe. With this case, you can use MagSafe accessories such as the matching leather MagSafe wallet. Choose from several colors that flatter the iPhone 13 Pro so beautifully.

Velvet Caviar Iphone 13 Pro Case Butterfly Render Cropped

Whimsical: Velvet Caviar Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Case

Velvet Caviar makes some really fun, colorful, and trendy cases. This lineup is certainly on the thinner side, but the TPU and PC FirmFlex case is protective as well. It's drop-tested for falls up to eight feet. Choose from a variety of patterns.

$30 at Amazon
Survivor Endurance Magsafe Case Iphone 13 Pro Render Cropped

Light but protective: Survivor - Endurance MagSafe Case for iPhone 13 Pro

It may sound like an oxymoron, but this case is lightweight and protective. It's not as thin as the others on this list, but it does offer 14 feet of drop protection tested to military standards (MIL-STD-810G). And it's MagSafe-compatible to boot.

Which of the best thin cases for iPhone 13 Pro should you buy?

Apple's iPhone Case with MagSafe, either the clear, silicone, or leather, is always worth checking out. It strikes a great balance between thinness and protection. This case always comes in some great colors to set off the colors of the latest iPhone lineup. New colors are often released seasonally, which means some are rotated out. So, if you see a color you like, don't wait too long to buy it.

The absolute thinnest cases are going to be the PEEL and the totallee iPhone cases. Actually, they are quite similar in being the absolute minimalist cases you can buy. Don't expect much in the way of drop protection, but they will certainly keep scuffs and scratches from marring your iPhone 13 Pro's perfection. Each of these brands offers a handful of color options.

If you want some pretty serious protection but don't want to add too much bulk to your iPhone, check out the Survivor - Endurance MagSafe Case for iPhone 13 Pro. The case edges are definitely on the thicker side, but that is the most vulnerable part of your iPhone. The case's back is super thin but still manages to squeeze in the MagSafe compatibility. It comes in three different colorways.

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