Are you looking for thumb grips to add to your Joy-Cons, but you're not sure which ones are the best? Whether you're looking for a little flare from your favorite games, or you just want a better grip on your Nintendo Switch, these are the best thumb grips I have found.

Hyperkin Silicone Thumb Grips

These completely black thumb grips are perfect if you already have a neon Joy-Con set, and you're not looking for bright colors to put with it. This 8-pack of rigged thumb grips is great for adding grip to the Joy-Con sticks without clashing with their color, especially for only $8.

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Skull & Co. Skin Splatoon 2 Thumb Grip Set


Since Nintendo has released its Splatoon 2 Neon Green and Neon Pink Joy-Cons, these thumb grips are perfect to go right along with them. With both grips that are around the Joy-Con and extended grips, these will work for all kinds of gamers at around $8.

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UUShop 8-Pack Silicone Thumb Grip


This 8 pack of thumb grips comes in four different colors, so you can pair your grips with any color Joy-Con you wish for only $9. Whether you color-coordinate or just use the white and black colors, you can use whatever color combination your heart desires.

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Cute Paw 10-Pack Silicone Thumb Grips


If you're a pet lover and you want to express it in your Joy-Cons, this pack of 10 grips for $ 10 is perfect for you! These cute paw print grips come in four different colors to perfectly match your Joy-Cons. Make sure to show your favorite friend, and play as your favorite video game pals.

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HORI Super Mario Thumb Grips

All the biggest Mario fans should have these thumb grips to add some more Mario fun to your Nintendo Switch. Add them onto your Joy-Con, and see the difference they can make for just $9. With Mario, Luigi, Toad, and the Power Star, you'll blast through any level with these great grips.

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How will your jazz up your controllers?

Let us know which thumb grip is your favorite in the comments below!

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