Best travel cases for amiibo

Your amiibo collection is starting to look pretty great. You used our guide to help you find the missing pieces from your collection. Then you used our other guide to help you achieve a beautiful method of displaying your amiibo. Now you are ready to take this show on the road.

If you are going to be traveling with your amiibo you are definitely going to need some sort of case. An amiibo travel case is going to need the space for at least a few figures. This case is going to have to protect your amiibo from damage as you travel and maybe have just a little visual flair. Here are some of the best amiibo travel cases available to you if you are looking to take your figure out on a little vacation.


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If you're looking for a simple case that doesn't call too much attention to what you may be hauling around then this Casematix carrier might just be right up your alley. It's a simple black case with dense protective foam to keep your figures from knocking around. Dependent on which amiibo you're going to be taking with you, you should be able to fit about six figures. Not bad for only $16.

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If you aren't planning on bringing a whole army of amiibo with you everywhere you go then you might want to get something a little more compact. This officially licensed case from Hori is emblazoned with an amiibo logo right on the side. It fits three amiibo figures and can be had at Amazon for $30.

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Sometimes a handful of amiibo just isn't going to cut it. This case will allow you to transport eight amiibo safely. Some people might mistake the exterior design of this case as garish but what do they know? You can haul your amiibo with pride in this case for $35.

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There are some easily broken parts on some amiibo figures. Protecting them as your travel can be important. Hopefully, these cases will help you get to where you are going with all your precious cargo intact.

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