Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch iMore 2021

The Nintendo Switch is meant to be taken on the go, but that doesn't mean that you should just throw it in a backpack. You should treat your Switch carefully if you're carrying it around, ideally be placing it in a special carrying case. There are plenty of options to choose from, and as a bonus, most of them will also help you organize your game collection and Nintendo Switch accessories. Here are the best Nintendo Switch travel cases to keep your device safe.

Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch RDS

Switch kit: RDS Traveler Deluxe Case

Staff Favorite

It's neat and petite. This deluxe case can fit the Switch tablet, the Dock, the Joy-Con controllers, and the Grip, as well as the various cables, all in a nice compact form factor.

Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch Mumba Carrying Case

Pouch city: Mumba Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Mumba's carrying case for the Nintendo Switch is slick. It's wide enough to fit your Switch while the Joy-Cons are attached. A pouch sits in the upper compartment to hold extra cables, Joy-Cons, and other accessories. Plus, there's a whole little pouch dedicated to holding your Switch games.

From $25 at Amazon
Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch AmazonBasics

Plain cheap: AmazonBasics Hard Shell Travel and Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

AmazonBasics is all about delivering quality on the cheap. This usually means no crazy bells and whistles are getting in the way, but that can add to the charm for some people. It doesn't hurt that this roomy case with room for all your Switch stuff is one of the cheapest you'll find in this form factor.

From $21 at Amazon
iVoler Carrying Storage Case For Nintendo Switch

Carry everything: iVoler Carrying Storage Case For Nintendo Switch

Pack up your console and your favorite accessories in this hard protective case, which has room for a dock, Pro Controller, AC adapter, Joy-Con charging grip, and 18 games, plus mesh pockets where you can tuck cables. A handle strap makes it comfortable to carry, while the soft lining will keep your screen scratch-free.

$28 at Amazon
Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch TomToc Carrying Case

Travel light: TomToc Ultra Slim Case

This case lets you bring your Switch and up to 10 games along without adding a lot of bulk. It's made of waterproof material, and the hard case holds up well even if it's dropped.

From $18 at Amazon
PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

Smart design: PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag

Some people like to tote things around their necks, and that's why this messenger bag exists. PowerA's internal design for this thing is striking both aesthetically and functionally. Dock, Switch, cables, controllers, accessories, and games: you can fit it all. And it even comes with a bonus carrying pouch for the Switch when you want to carry it in hand.

Funlab Travel Carrying Case

Overall protection: Funlab Travel Carrying Case

The Switch is already a ton of fun to game on, and you can keep the fun going with this travel case from Funlab (it's in the name!). The Mario theme will keep you in the right state of mind as you contemplate your next Mario Kart or Mario Odyssey victory. There's even Luigi too if you prefer.

$33 at Amazon
Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch Zadii hardshell carrying case

Rock steady: Zadii Hard Travel Case

This is another lunchbox design, but Zadii's has a foam insert that sections off all your accessories. This is great because it ensures your Switch stuff will stay in place even during the shakiest of times. It has a zipper compartment in the cover for extras and a soft-backed flap to hold your Switch cartridges.

$32 at Amazon
Best Travel Cases for Nintendo Switch Procase Nintendo Switch Pouch

Fashionable: ProCase Carrying Pouch

This is one for the fashionistas. This carrying case probably isn't the most protection you can get for your Switch, but it is the most stylish. It may remind you of those hand purses. It won't fit much more than your Switch and Joy-Cons plus a few games, but it also doesn't look like you're about to go hitchhiking when you're carrying it.

From $13 at Amazon

Hard to go wrong

Possibly the greatest thing about the Switch is just how portable it is. Of course, if you have a Switch Lite, it's pretty much only portable. In either case, you can take your console to bed with you or bring it to keep you busy wherever you go. Just make sure you're keeping it safe when you're doing it! One of our favorite ways to do that is the RDS Traveler Deluxe Case because it's a great all-around case that lets you carry everything you need in one pouch.

If all you need to take is your Switch gear, then the PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag is a great choice to keep your hands free. If you don't want to be too weighed down, the TomToc Ultra Slim Case fits neatly in a backpack. Whatever you choose is worth the investment since damaging your console would be a lot more expensive, not to mention frustrating.

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