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The thing that makes Nintendo Switch stand out from other console systems is its portability. You can grab the Switch tablet, snap the Joy-Con controllers in place, and take your gaming on the road. The entire system, though, is also small enough to bring along on overnight stays, weekends at Grandma's, and worldwide travel expeditions. Get ready for your summer vacation, camping trip, or weekend romp with these travel accessories for your Switch.

Looking for general Switch accessories? Check these out!

Switchpack for Nintendo Switch

I spent an entire week walking around at GDC with the Switchpack and it was invaluable. Not only is it big enough to pack your Switch, Pro Controller, power adapter, table stand, and portable battery pack, it also doubles as a basic carry bag so you can fit your wallet, iPhone, and anything else you might shove in your pocket or purse.

Incredibly, it's still very slim and compact, even though it fits so much. It comes with a shoulder strap, so you can either wear it over your shoulder and keep your hands free or grab the handle on top and carry it like a case. It's versatile, great looking, and is a luxury travel accessory you can take anywhere and use with anything.

It comes in nylon black with chocolate brown or black leather and brown wax canvas with chocolate brown leather. It costs $129. For $19 more you can add a fancy leather game card holder that's designed to fit perfectly inside. For a slightly smaller design, check out the $109 Arcade Gaming Case. It's incredibly slim but still offers plenty of room for all your gear.

PDP Elite Player Backpack

When packing your bags for your next trip, don't forget to pack an extra bag. The $40 Elite Player backpack is officially licensed and designed for the Nintendo Switch, including the tablet, the Dock, the Joy-Con controllers, the charging cables, and the game cards. You can also fit your favorite cans and it's big enough to squeeze in that massive Switch Pro controller. It is not, however, likely to be large enough to hold, say, your school books or your laptop. So, don't buy this thinking it will replace your ratty old Star Wars: Episode II backpack. This is designed perfectly for the Switch. Not so perfect for anything else.

It is made out of dark gray canvas material and has a couple of red accents, which to me, is very classy looking.

BD&A Everywhere Messenger Bag

If you're not into the backpack look, you can still travel in style with the Everywhere Messenger Bag. This fancy little fold-over has separate compartments for your Switch tablet, the Dock, your Joy-Con controllers, the Joy-Con grip, and your charging cable. It also comes with a removable Switch carrying case, so you can keep your tablet safe in a case and play games on the go.

It has a handle at the top of the bag so you can carry it like a briefcase, but also sports a shoulder strap with a padded holder for hands-free carrying.

It's made from dark gray canvas material with red stitching. There is a big Nintendo Switch logo across the cover flap. If you're not into sporting logos, you'll have to cover it with a patch or something. You can pick one up on Amazon for $40.

RDS Traveler Deluxe System Case

This is one of my favorite travel cases. It's neat and petite. Just like the backpack and messenger bag, this deluxe case can fit the Switch tablet, the Dock, the Joy-Con controllers and the Grip, as well as the various cables. However, it's not meant to be worn on the body. It is compacted into a 12-inch rectangle. It comes with two game card cases and two microSD card cases. So, you can carry about eight of each with you on the go.

There is also a mesh pocket designed for keeping track of your HDMI and USB cables, as well as the included game card and microSD card cases.

I love the way this looks. It's big enough to fit everything you need for the full Switch experience but is small enough to throw into your bigger backpack or bag when you travel.

It is made from a hard plastic material with padded compartments inside. It's covered in black canvas material with red stitching and has a handle on top for carrying around like a lunch box. It costs $35.

AmazonBasics Protection Kit

If you just want a simple case with no frills, the AmazonBasics Protection case gives you the biggest bang for your buck at just $15. It's a plain black hardshell case that snugly fits the Switch. Inside, you'll find a mesh pocket, just big enough for some earbuds, a charging cable, and the included game card sleeve that holds 10 cartridges. This kit also comes with a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and black Joy-Con grips (with an ergonomic base, at that!). The game card sleeve also doubles as a stand, so you can set up your Switch tablet in a variety of angles, right inside the case itself. Tidy!

HORI Compact Playstand

This isn't a case, but it's definitely a must-have if you're taking your Switch on the road and won't have a big-screen to connect it to. With the Playstand, you can have a few more viewing options than the tablet's included kickstand. It has three different angles and sits high up off of the ground, so you can connect the charging cable and play at the same time.

It's also generally more stable than the Switch's included kickstand because it has a solid base with rubber footpads.

My favorite part of this stand is how it flattens down into a svelte little object. You could shove this in your back pocket (but you wouldn't want to sit on it)! All this variety and it only costs $13.

PDP Play & Charge Car Adapter

This $15 accessory should be in every travel case. No road trip is complete without some in-car game time. When you're not the driver, you should be logging your play on those winding roads. If your road trip takes longer than six hours, though, you're going to need to re-up along the way. This Play and Charge car adapter is officially licensed by Nintendo, but you might already have a USB-C compatible car charger lying around somewhere. If so, don't spend the extra dough because there is nothing that makes this an exclusive Switch charger.

It has a power surge protector built inside and has a flat cord design so it isn't as likely to tangle up on you if you toss it into the glove box between uses.


What's your favorite travel accessory for your Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

Updated June 2018: Added the AmazonBasics Protection Kit.

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