Best USB-C cables for Nintendo Switch 2022

USB C Switch Cables
USB C Switch Cables (Image credit: iMore)

You might have noticed the cable you use for your Nintendo Switch is slightly different and wondered what the best Nintendo Switch USB-C cables are. This port is used on the Nintendo Switch for high-speed data transfer, video output, and rapid charging. Like the ones included with your Switch, high-quality USB-C cables are essential to get the best results. If you need a few extra USB-C cables for your Nintendo Switch, this guide breaks down which cables you're going to want and why.

Quick Note: CAREFUL when using USB-A to USB-C cables with your Nintendo Switch

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It's important to warn you against some of the cheap cables you're likely to find in stores and on Amazon. It's easy to find long, braided USB-C cables for cheap, but these are not going to be your best Nintendo Switch USB-C cables. At first glance, these cables look nice and feel like they were made to last. The biggest problem with these cables is the connector at the other end. Many of these cables have the standard rectangular USB-A cable at the end, the port you usually see on laptops, and cheap battery backups. If you can avoid it, you should never use these cables.

USB-A is an older type of cable and will be phased out over the next couple of years. Put simply, the tech inside this cable can't keep up with what a cable with USB-C on both ends can do. As a result, these hybrid cables will charge slower and never be capable of features like video output to a secondary display. It's likely they also won't be able to charge up your battery while the Switch is in use. If you want to get a USB-A to USB-C cable for travel and only expect to charge between gaming sessions, you'll be fine.

What we recommend

As you're looking for the best spare items to pick up for your system, like the best Nintendo Switch controllers and other accessories, these cables should definitely be on your list. The only cables I recommend in this guide have a USB-C port on both ends and have been tested to safely deliver the kind of power needed to keep your Switch up and running. Using anything else would not be advised. Our favorite is the Anker Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Cable, which is best suited for charging, data transfer, and video output on the Switch.

However, if you're mainly concerned with getting a good charge without having to carry the same cable around everywhere, you can stock up with the JSAUX USB C to C Cable 60W 2-Pack, without spending as much.

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