Best Wired Controllers for the Switch

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

Want to play your Switch like you would on your other consoles? Don't want to shell out $70 for a Pro Controller? Here are the best wired controllers for your Nintendo Switch at a fraction of that cost.

Nintendo Switch Controller

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Nintendo's Horipad controller is a great wired option for the Nintendo Switch. This controller also has a detachable d-pad, which you can place on the back of the controller, in order to display the regular arrow buttons underneath. With the 10 ft cable, detachable d-pad, and the sleek design, it's a perfect match for your Nintendo Dock that won't break the bank.

Coming it at $27, this is a cheap alternative to the Pro Controller. However, it does not have motion controls or vibration feedback, if that's something you find necessary for your gaming experience.

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Zelda Controller

This controller takes you back through Breath of the Wild, with Zelda wielding an arrow on the right side. With 6 interchangeable analog caps and a removable 10 ft cable, this is a great choice for any Zelda fan that is willing to give up the motion controls of a Joy Con.

The Zelda controller is great for any fan, coming in at $30. It's also available in a red Super Mario version which is only $29.

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Super Mario Odyssey Controller

The Super Mario Odyssey Controller is a Nintendo-Licensed controller is sold at GameStop. This controller also has a 10 ft removable cable as well as the 6 interchangeable analog caps. The controller has the iconic duo, Mario and Cappy, along the front of it, along with the iconic Super Mario Odyssey title.

Any Mario Super fan can purchase this controller for $29.99 if you can give up the motion controls of Cappy.

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