Best wired headphones for Apple Music Lossless Audio 2024

The standard Bluetooth headphones you've been using to listen to Apple Music for years won't let you take advantage of the Lossless Audio. That's right, even Apple's own AirPods Max can't deliver Lossless Audio to you, meaning you're going to need some new headphones. Wired headphones are the way to go when it comes to high-quality streaming, and while that might mean dishing out some money, you can actually get a good pair of wired headphones across multiple price points. So, while you may have a pair of the best noise-canceling headphones, you're likely going to need something a little different for Lossless Audio. Here are the best wired headphones for Apple Music Lossless Audio, and some additional accessories you might need to take full advantage of that beautiful Hi-Fi sound.

Other equipment you might need

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As I'm sure you're aware, iPhones don't come with a headphone jack built-in; the only port on them is the Lightning port that Apple has been using with its iPhones for years. On top of that, Apple announced that if you want the highest quality of Lossless Audio it provides for Apple music, you'll need an external DAC. With that in mind, here are a few extra accessories you might want to get Lossless Audio.

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Wired is the way to go for Lossless Audio

As mentioned before, you won't be able to take advantage of Lossless Audio on Apple Music without a pair of wired headphones — Bluetooth just doesn't cut it. Why? In short, Apple Music doesn't support the right type of codecs over Bluetooth, so it doesn't matter how high-end your Bluetooth headphones are; you'll need to plug them in to hear Lossless Audio.

For your first foray into headphones that can handle Lossless Audio, the Monolith M565C are perfect. They're not too expensive, and still offer superb quality and sound. The wood finish makes these headphones look and feel even more elegant, and the 66mm drivers really pump out a lot of great-sounding music.

Looking to jump into the deep end of audiophile headphones? The Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow 2 come in at a staggering price point but deliver every little bit of detail in an impressive soundscape. You'll be hard-pressed to find headphones that sound better for listening to Lossless Audio.

Don't forget, listening to wired headphones on an iPhone can be a little tricky since there is no headphone jack on the phone. Make sure you pick up a Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter so your new wired headphone can plug into your iPhone.

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