BioShock for iPhone and iPad removed from App Store [Update]

Update: 2K Games has now told Touch Arcade that BioShock has only been "temporarily removed for purchase from the App Store" and that it is working to fix the game's current compatibility issue with iOS 8.4 and above. When that happens, the app will return to the store.

Original story: 2K Games has very quietly removed the iPhone and iPad version of the classic first-person shooter BioShock from the App Store. The game, originally developed by Irrational Games, was ported to iOS by 2K China and first released in August 2014.

The removal was first reported by Touch Arcade, and later it posted up an email sent by a fan from a 2K support representative explaining BioShock's removal:

"I understand you're having issues with Bioshock for mobile gaming. Unfortunately, you are correct we don't currently have this game for mobile gaming anymore, which I know can be frustrating. The removal of the game was a developer decision. This happens occasionally, but thankfully not often."

Touch Arcade does note that BioShock became unplayable for people who updated their iPhone or iPad to iOS 8.4 or above. The removal of the game from the App Store also affects people who have purchased the game and later deleted it off their device. They can no longer re-download BioShock via their app purchase history.

Source: Touch Arcade; Touch Arcade Forums

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