BMW carSource: BMW

What you need to know

  • BMW is to stop charging a CarPlay subscription in the UK.
  • The company previously charged £85 per year.
  • It's unclear whether this will be the case worldwide.

BMW has reversed its decision to charge customers an annual fee to access Apple CarPlay. At least, it has in the UK according to an AutoCar (via Cult of Mac) report.

While Apple says that it doesn't charge car manufacturers a fee to put CarPlay into their vehicles, BMW chose to charge UK car owners £85 per year to use CarPlay once their initial 12-month ownership period was up. That caused quite the outrage online, and now the UK arm of BMW is killing the fee off for cars that have the latest BMW infotainment system. Those with older cars will be able to get a discount on a lifetime subscription, according to the report.

Now, a BMW spokesperson claims, the system will be free for the lifetime of the car on all models operating the latest infotainment. Models that aren't, such as the i3, i8 and runout examples of the outgoing 2 Series and 4 Series, will need to pay £235 for a lifetime subscription - a £60 discount on before.

It isn't clear whether this is a move specific to BMW cars sold in the UK, or if users can expect similar sense to prevail internationally. BMW drivers the world over will no doubt be hoping that their cars woll follow suit, too.