Bowser's Fury Cat Shines: How many Cat Shines are there?

Super Mario 3d World Mario Bowser Jr
Super Mario 3d World Mario Bowser Jr (Image credit: Nintendo (screenshot))

Bowser's Fury Cat Shines: How many Cat Shines are there?

Best answer: It's been reported that there are 100 Cat Shines in Bowser's Fury. Supposedly, it takes about 10 minutes or less to acquire each one once you're in the right area. Collecting them eventually unlocks the Giga Bell, so Mario can take on Fury Bowser as a giant cat.Two games in one: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury ($60 at Best Buy)Meow-rio: Cat Mario amiibo ($16 at Best Buy)

What happens in Bowser's Fury?

Unlike Super Mario 3D World, which is mostly like a 3D sidescroller, Bowser's Fury allows players to explore an open-world location similar to Super Mario Odyssey. Mario arrives to Lake Lapcat and discovers that just about everything here has cat ears, even the bushes and enemies.

Something has happened to the Koopa King, which has turned him into the giant Fury Bowser and Bowser Jr. needs your help bringing him back to normal. To do this, Mario will need to collect Cat Shines and unlock the Giga Bell, which turns him into the massive Giga Cat Mario and allows him to take on Fury Bowser.

How many Bowser's Fury Cat Shines are there?

Some lucky people have already gotten to preview the game and have noted that there are a total of 100 Cat Shines to collect. However, it's unclear if you need to acquire all of them or just some of them in order to get the Giga Bell.

Players can run through Bowser's Fury solo or in two player co-op. Player one takes control of Cat Mario while player two controls Bowser Jr. These characters each have skills that the other doesn't possess, kind of like how Luigi and Gooigi operate in Luigi's Mansion 3, for a perfect cooperative experience.

With the original game getting an update and Bowser's Fury getting added to it, we really won't be surprised if Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury becomes one of the best Nintendo Switch games of all time. Are you excited to pick it up?

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