Can I get AppleCare with Visible?

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Can I get AppleCare with Visible?

Best answer: You absolutely can! AppleCare is available exclusively for Visible Protect members with eligible iPhone devices. Customers will have the option to sign up at the same time they pick their iPhone of choice.Visible Protect + iPhone 11: Visible Protect (From $39/month at Visible)AppleCare from the source: Standard AppleCare (From $5.99/month at Apple)

Visible Protect + AppleCare is the ultimate protection plan

Once you splurge on a new iPhone, or if you have a phone in general, there's always the potential of unforeseen harm that may come your device's way. These little handheld computers are expensive and delicate, which makes them more susceptible to cracks, drops, or, something worse like getting lost or stolen. Grabbing yourself a superb protection plan is essential. That's why biting the bullet and paying the low monthly fee may ultimately be the wise choice.

It may not be available in every state just yet, but Visible Protect is great to have because it includes standard AppleCare support along with Apple's Express Replacement. This is great for those who prefer dealing directly with Apple for the first two years, especially when it comes to something like screen damage repair. However, once AppleCare's time limit maxes out for your device, then Visible Protect steps in with double the benefits.

The perfect duo

Here's what both plans have to offer:

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Header Cell - Column 0 Visible ProtectAppleCare
AppleCare 24/7 chat and phone service🗸🗸
Apple-certified repair and replacement🗸🗸
Apple Store services🗸🗸
Nationwide availability🗸
Post-purchase availability🗸
Pocket Geek app access🗸
Hardware service🗸🗸
Loss/Theft replacement fee$199 - $280
Accidental screen damage repair fee$29$29
Other accidental damage repair fee$99
Time limitUnlimitedTwo years
Monthly fee$10 - $12$5.99

Visible's protection plan comes as a nice bonus with full access to the Pocket Geek via the Assurant app, which adds performance and battery optimization, device diagnostics, virus protection, and in-depth safety features.

How to go about choosing a protection plan

For the most part, all purchasing decisions are predicated on how much said item cost. Let's keep it real. Generally, people like to know what an item cost and if they can find something similar on the cheap elsewhere. If you buy the standard AppleCare protection through Apple, it'll run you $5.99 per month, while the AppleCare+ plan will cost you anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99 per month. So, getting the Visible Protect plan will not only save you money, but it will give you the standard AppleCare plan along with similar features comparable or better than AppleCare+.

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