Can iPad mini 6 fit in my old case?

Ipad Mini Apple Event
Ipad Mini Apple Event (Image credit: Apple)

Ipad Mini 6 Cover Apple Event

Ipad Mini 6 Cover Apple Event (Image credit: Apple)

Can iPad mini 6 fit in my old case?

Best answer: Unfortunately, you can't use your old iPad mini case with the new iPad mini 6. The design of the new sixth-generation iPad mini doesn't match that of the previous-gen models. Instead, you'll need to buy a new case, such as Apple's brand new Smart Folio built just for the device.

New design means new cases

The iPad mini has been totally redesigned for 2021. That's great news for fans of Apple's diminutive tablet since it means the company is paying attention to the small tablet market after leaving the iPad mini untouched since 2019 (and in need of a redesign for much longer). However, it's not so great for existing iPad mini accessories.

In the iPad mini 6, we see a totally new chassis with squared-off edges akin to the latest iPad Air and iPad Pro models, as well as a change in screen size — up to 8.3 inches from 7.9 inches. Though the overall footprint isn't that different, the shape change means that any cases and covers you had for your iPad mini 5 won't be good for the new model, so you'll need to buy a specific iPad mini 6 case.

Apple is your best bet for now

While we know tons of third-party cases will hit the market in the coming weeks and months, Apple is the best place to order an iPad mini 6 case from at launch since Apple is the only company that (officially) knew the product existed before today.

Apple has already unveiled a new Smart Folio for iPad mini 6 that covers the front and back of your new device and doubles up as a stand. It comes in a variety of colors to compliment the new iPad mini hues.

Is the new iPad mini right for you?

Along with a physical redesign Apple's latest iPad mini has been given a serious power boost, though its price has also risen.

Inside, it's now powered by an A15 Bionic chip that allows for 40% faster performance in terms of raw CPU, while GPU performance will jump 80% over the previous generation, according to Apple.

The display now has 500 nits of brightness, the addition of P3 Wide Color, and True Tone. It also has an anti-reflective screen coating for less glare and a fully laminated display for more vivid color and better visibility in different lighting settings.

Front and back cameras also got some attention, moving to 12MP sensors on both sides. The front-facing camera in particular is extra handy as it now features a wider viewing angle and support for Center Stage on video calls.

That's all on top of a new design, USB-C connectivity, 5G in the cellular models, Apple Pencil 2 support, and more.

All of these stellar updates come at a cost, though. The starting price of iPad mini has gone up by $100 so you now need to spend $499 to get in the door. If the new features aren't worth it for you, or you want to keep your old accessories, you'll want to consider whether an upgrade is the right move.

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